Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Needed A Nap Afterwards

I knew something was going to happen. It was inevitable.

Too many people used the "Q" word at the beginning of shift. The fools. Jinxed us all.

And I was sent to 2 house. The "Q"-est house on the camp, pretty much. Something had to happen.

And I was already stiff and sore when I got there today.

As luck would have it, I had decided that yesterday I would finish the painting I needed to do at home. Just one more room to go and it would be done. Those hideous pink walls would vex me no more.

But it took coat after coat (four in all) to cover the color. I spent the day cutting in and rolling, moving on cutting in and rolling, moving on, cutting in and rolling. All around the room over and over again. I actually ran out of steam and left one coat undone. I will probably do it this weekend.

All of that up and down the step stool and bending over to cut in the bottom and reaching with the roller got to me. Woke up this morning stiff and sore. Thought about doing a mile on the treadmill and decided against it. I was too sore.

Got to work and kept going out to the picnic table out front and stretching, trying to get my legs and back to unkink and relax some. I finally got a bit unwound when.....

I hear Windows on the radio...

"garble garble in the Hive! C-wing!" Uh oh. He sounds excited. I start moving towards the door. "Little B! Let me out!" He pops the door and I start heading for the turnstile. Then I hear it.

"10-5! In the Hive! C-wing!"

Oh snap.

They had just opened the yards and all of the inmates are trying to get through the turnstile to go out to the yard. I'm running towards a knot of them.

"Make a hole!" I yell.

They have no idea what "make a hole" means.

"Get the Frack out of my way!"

They get it that time and move. I almost brain the last guy through the turnstile with the bars as I blow through.

Haul butt down the walk, just as fast as I can. There's another cluster of inmates coming out of 3 and 4 house. They are all just standing there in the middle of the walk looking down at the Hive and wondering why everybody is running and not looking behind them.

I yell "MOVE!" and lower my shoulder to plow through them just in case they don't understand.

They move just in time. I'm so surprised I almost stumbled. Stupid inmates.

I get down there and into the wing as I hear "10-6 the 10-5!" Aw... hell.

It's over already.

I see Sgt Bumblebee come out of the cell wiping his face. Uh-oh. No, wait. It's just pepper spray. He must have gotten a faceful. I'm almost glad I wasn't faster. Been quite a spell since I was sprayed last. Not real eager to do it again anytime soon.

Turns out it wasn't much. Some knucklehead who thinks he's a bada*s and is transferring to a C-5 camp in the morning decided to get froggy during a cell search. He turned and lunged towards Chucky and Windows. Sgt Bumblebee hosed him down (dosing himself in the process) and the knucklehead was introduced to COI Concrete. End of story.

But lawsy lawsy! I could have done without that run. It was a real good thing that I had needed to stretch so badly at the beginning of shift. I guess I should do that every day, just in case.

When I finally plodded my sorry butt back up to the house, I really really needed a nap. Between the adrenaline dump and the run I was done in. Couldn't have a nap, but I sure wanted one.

I guess I best get back into my routine on the treadmill in the mornings.

Hopefully that will be all of the excitement for the week. Next week, I'm going on vacation.

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  1. Rev, I feel your pain. We moved this Labor Day weekend and I'm hurting all over. It was at least 95 all three days and just fracking hot. And our place is still in renovation mode and there's drywall and concrete dust all over everything.