Friday, September 17, 2010

The Last Day Of My Vacation....

...looked nothing like this. Just in case you were wondering. I neither went anywhere nor did anything exciting. Other than cleaning out some old trash, that is.

And actually I have two more days until I go back to work, but this was the last day of my actual "vacation" time.

So tomorrow I think I'll do the normal weekend routine. Mow the lawn. Clean up the yard a little bit. Start getting ready for winter. Maybe burn a barrel full of yard waste and stand around and smell the smoke.

I need to think up another project that won't take much in materials. Something that can keep me going through the winter and not cost an arm and a leg like those dumb chairs did. Excuse me... like those nice comfy hard to get out of chairs did. Darn comfy things, anyway.....

Grumble grumble....

I've pretty much given up on making something I can sell. I'm not that good at it anyway and every time I come up with something good, the local hardware store starts selling them for less than I pay for materials, so what's the use?

Any ideas? Suggestions?


  1. I used to do some wood work years ago as a hobby, which in turn lead to doing craft shows, then adding in consignment sales in craft shops. All which in turn led to no free time and very little actual profit.

    So I've got nothing for you on this subject it looks like. ;)

  2. I can send you more wooden puzzles or you can start making them yourself.

  3. JPT- Yeah, my last project almost turned into a real job. That would have sucked.

    Critter- I came up with an idea. I'll post pics when it's done.

    BA- Only if I can grow it at your house. Deal?