Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Good Day To Be Outside

Outside the fence, anyway.

Tonight was my night in the Comm Room, handing out radios and keys to everybody going inside.

And from the radio traffic I heard, I was plenty glad to be still outside the fence.

Nothing major or really bad, just b.s. and b.s. and b.s. It seemed like every five minutes or so someone was calling for a Sergeant to have a violation read. And in between times the yard dawgs were steadily escorting inmates down to the Hive.

The Captain got a phone call and went home early in the shift and that only left us with Lt Gerber on A-side, Lt Rogaine on B-side and Lt Pullmyfinger on the books. And they were kept hopping. Someone was always calling one of the other saying "10-15 or 10-10".

For those of you who don't speak CO-ese that means "Call me or come here."

Locking some more up.

I did hear one ASAP call. The wobblehead house wanting an escort to the Hive ASAP. That's never good. I was out in the P-car when I heard that one. They got Goosey to do that escort with someone behind him for backup just in case. Goosey is good for those. He's just easy going and silly enough that most of them don't give him any trouble.

I watched from the car outside. Not like I could have done a damn thing if anything happened, but I watched anyway.

Luckily, nothing happened.

Yup. All in all, I think it was a good night to be on the outside.

If it wasn't so freaking boring, I could get used to it.


  1. That ASAP was nothing but one of my frequent fliers coming down on a 19.dumb. We stayed busy enough to light the No Vacancy sign at about 11:05. We still ended up getting about 14 searches too.

  2. Drew- Even if it was nothing big, I'm still glad for once that I wasn't there. As much as I miss the busy, I don't miss the urgency and the crap.