Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Napfight At The ZZZ Corral

Holy snap, I thought working the sally port was a boring gig.

Tonight I was down in the Laundry/Outside workers house. Talk about boring!

It's supposedly an "honor" house. The inmates work their way in there in order to get the cream pay jobs and the privileges that go along with it. Like having the keys to their own doors. And being able to come out of the rooms after count, when the rest of the camp is locked down.

And of course they abuse it. That house is reportedly the number one conduit for drugs and other illicit things (like cell phones) on the entire camp. It just goes to show... give an inmate a little bit of freedom and he'll head for the woodline with it.

Tonight when they were told to lock down for count, immediately several of them came wandering out of their rooms to go to the bathroom or get something out of the microwave....

I snarled at them.

They went back in.

Apparently I'm not warm and fuzzy.

I didn't much care for being down there and it showed, I guess. I'm thinking maybe I still have a bit of the ol' Hive mentality lurking around my subconscious. They are still inmates. And I knew quite a few of those faces and names so I know that they aren't the golden children. A good number of them were Hive-bound for drugs and other things at one time of another.

But for the most part, it was a really really really boring night. Kermit talked me into searching a few cells. I'm sure that left them scratching their heads. The half of the cell I searched was left fairly neat and orderly. I looked through their stuff without tearing anything up or dumping any of it on the floor. The half Kermit searched looked like a raccoon or a small bear had been into their stuff.

What the snap ever. There's just no teaching some people.

I think the high point of my day was starting out seeing Peggy Sue. She was coming back from visiting her new house and we gave each other this weird one-armed hug while we both tried not to burn the other with our cigarettes.

It was awkward, but cuddly.

Hmmm.... I wonder. Even though I quit for two weeks, I still kept getting hits, so did it count as going into my second year?

Judges? Your call.


  1. Yep, second year. Glad you found a bit of mojo.

  2. I vote second year. And it was great to see you (awkward one-armed hug and all!)

  3. Joe- Thanks for the vote. I guess I just needed a little down time.

    Peggy Sue- It's always nice to see you, cookie. Especially when I can get human contact that doesn't involve concrete! (grin)

  4. Woo hoo! Does this mean you are posting regularly again?

  5. Misty- Looks like I'm back. Hopefully there will be no more drama at home and I will still have things to write about. keeping my fingers crossed.

  6. now we're talking. think of it as a 2 week vacation with no laptop with you!! year 2 will be as good if not better than year 1!!!!!!!!!