Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Which Of Us Is The Inmate Here?

Boy, they made me mad tonight. It didn't help that I came in with one of those killer headaches already, either.

We have this knucklehead that has been playing the fool for several days now. He got mad about something a couple of days ago and said he was going to kill himself to get back at us.

I don't know why they do that. They seem to think it's some big inconvenience or something. Hell, I don't care. It's often entertaining.

At any rate, he got put on suicide watch and fanged his forehead until he got a little scrape. Then he banged it a few more times against the wire grate in the window until it started bleeding. You know how forehead wounds bleed. They got him out and cleaned him up and put him back.

They took him off watch the other day and day shift tried to move him out of the camera cell and he got stupid and refused to move and threw a big temper tantrum. That bought him two violations. Right after day shift left he started smashing and tearing up all of his stuff (including smashing his own glasses) and told Chucky that he was suicidal.

So they stripped him out and gave him a smock. Right after that he told the nurse that before they took away his property, he ate a whole med card of naproxyn. Then he tore his smock into little pieces and made a noose and hung it from his window.

They put him in another smock and took him to medical and they made him drink some charcoal crap that's supposed to absorb anything he might have swallowed and make him poop it back out. Then they sent him back to us.

There's more stuff, but I'm getting tired of writing about him so I'll just sum up.

This evening he refused his sack meal, saying the Pshrink had taken him off suicide watch (despite the fact he was still wearing nothing but a smock) and he should get a regular tray. When I refused to give him one (having already checked his file and seen he was still on full suicide watch per the Pshrink) he threw another temper tantrum, covering his camera and screaming and kicking the door.

Soon enough the Lieutenant came down and I saw him down there listening to the knuckleheads sob story. He complained that we didn't feed him and his sink didn't work right and we were mean to him and that I personally was harassing him.

Of course nobody else hear him two minutes before that calling me a bi*ch and a punk and a fa**ot and threatening to kill me.

So when the Lieutenant comes out of the wing, after of course promising to get him something to eat and get his toilet fixed, what do you suppose he has to say to us? Can you guess?

He said (and I quote): "Just because he's on suicide watch doesn't mean you can treat him like shit!"

What the.....

I would have to say that that statement was one of the rudest and most unprofessional things another staff member has ever said to me here. I got so mad that I very nearly snapped.

And then I remembered that they always believe the inmates over us. The Lieutenants and the Captains always talk big snit about how tough they had it when they were just a COI, but they don't really remember what it's like to work a house for eight hours.

But as far as I am concerned, that certain Lt has no more coming from me than that little knucklehead in the camera cell.

I need a vacation.


  1. I wasn't in the wing when he said it, but it was totally uncalled for.

  2. Drew- Occasionally I know when to keep my mouth shut. Sometimes i shouldn't.