Sunday, May 2, 2010


I know.... I know.... I've talked and talked about the new security cameras until you are all sick of the subject.

But I'm going to do it some more.

I don't feel that they are being used to their correct potential.

The new system was supposedly funded by PREA, the Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Yeah, like that's going to happen.

Supposedly they are there to help protect the inmates from each other. But it seems more and more that they are being used to protect the inmates from us. Or more precisely, so that senior staff can keep an eye on us, rather than on the inmates.

I don't know how many calls we got from a Captain or Lt saying "Hey! Why is he out in the wing doing that?" or "Why are only two officers taking eight inmates out of their cells?"

Just doing my job, pal. If you got out from behind that desk once in awhile you would know what was going on. I do rec and that's how many we take out at a time.

Recently there was a fight down in one of the other houses. Sgt. Miz P was there to catch the tail end of it but only found the loser for sure because he had blood all over his face. The perp walked free at the time because the Lt didn't know how to work the system to go back and look at the video.

Luckily somebody told Peggy Sue, who knew how to work the system. She came back in and showed them the tapes and said "There! There's your fight! Lock him up and lock him up!" Smart lady, that Peggy Sue. She knows her stuff. You can't get away with anything in her house.

It seems funny to me that the higher ups can't seem to catch the inmates doing anything but they are always watching if you sit down and do a crossword puzzle at the desk or are out shooting rubber bands at each other in the sally port.

The inmates are getting away with everything but murder 24/7. And it's all on the camera but nobody is looking.

But if we take out five minutes to have a little fun, blow off some steam and relax, then the phone starts ringing because Big Brother is watching.

Man, we have GOT to get our priorities straight!


  1. Sad, but the line between inmates and CO's is pretty blurred. It often seems as if your once inside the fence, it doesn't matter, you're going to be treated the same. Human nature being what it is, you get what you give. You love someone, they love you back, or, you trust someone, you gain they're trust. Same can be said for respect, dignity, and genuine concern for others. So who's really to blame for poor morale?

  2. What I hate is when they see what they want to on camera. I feel less and less safe down there every day because the crystal palace see what they want to see and took away my partner.

  3. BA- It's no wonder the public has no respect for us. Even our own people have no respect for us. We are in the Rodney Dangerfield of professions, it seems.

    Drew- They forget that the camera is no replacement for being there. Despite what you can "see", you still don't see everything. Case in point, the Zapruder film. Read the many many analysis of that one why don't you.

  4. Aww, shucks, Rev. You make me blush. I'm just doing my job. Heard through the grape vine they're going to try to go after the one who called me. That would be a VERY BAD IDEA on their part. I'd sacrifice my job to defend my staff when they do what I tell them to do. I give them my number for a reason. This incident just proves my reason.

  5. Peggy Sue- I'm sure we would have heard the fireworks down in the Hive if they had. You are like a mama bear with cubs.