Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Locked Room Mystery

The other night there were two offenders up in a cell on the top walk of B-wing that you hardly ever knew they were there.

That's kind of a rarity down in the Hive. Most of our knuckleheads run their yaps like a swarm of six foot tall crickets during mating season.

But these two guys were mostly just quiet. They kept to themselves and didn't do much yelling out the door or demanding foolish things or screaming obscenities like most of the rest of them. If I had a whole house of those types I'd be bored out of my skull.

But then the night before last one inmate got a staff members attention and said that his cellie just went berserk and started beating himself up. Said the dude threw himself off the top bunk and banged his own head into the walls and the like.

From what I have heard, the guy was pretty beat up but did say that he did it to himself. So they just took him out and sent him to the hospital. The investigator told them that there was nothing to investigate so they let the other guy stay in the cell and didn't close it off as a crime scene like they would have if they though he had assaulted the guy.

And now today they grab the cellie out of there and toss him in isolation in C-wing under investigation. I heard rumors that the first guys wounds were more extensive than they first appeared and they have doubts about whether they could all be self-inflicted. They also, it seems, have doubts about his eventual survival.

I sure wouldn't want to be in either one of their shoes right at this moment. Not for anything. And the midnights staff has all been pulled since it happened on their shift. What a mess.

Things are heating up again. We are getting an increasing number of those "I'm a C-5 and I don't give a f*ck" types in from other camps. Alot of the are being sent (briefly) to the treatment program, then to the Hive for re-transfer once they lose the program.

Things should be interesting.

And my ten days of vacation started at 10:00 pm tonight.

Send me some emails and let me know what is going on in there!

And somebody let me know how Miss Nancynurse is doing. She was doing pretty poorly when I came in and had to go to the hospital. I tried to at least get her to smile before she left but didn't have much luck. Let me know!


  1. "He just started beating himself up." Umm, sure. And the CO doing laundry got pulled because he thought he'd be a nice guy and help out buy doing precount. Something that EVERY shift does and has done for the years I've worked there. Tacitly approved by every FUM and Shift Commander, the Major, and every Supervisor I've ever had. Done by numerous CO's. But not specifically in policy. OK. But there gonna pull him and place him under investigation? If they single out one person over this, I would insist that they pull every recording and review them and pull and place every other CO under investigation who has ever done a precount down in the hive or else I would contact an attorney about my legal recourse for harassment and hostile work environment. BS. Just a bunch people doing CYA instead of standing behind their people. Great for morale.

  2. P.S. Just wanted to add that they need to try treating the inmates like inmates and the CO's like CO's. Quit trying to hold us accountable for the inmates actions, 'cause that sure what it feels like to us.

  3. Rev, Nancy is fine. They took 5 vials of blood, ran an E.K.G. on her, ran a full blood work up,and could NOT find anything wrong. They said "It must be reflux" and sent us home. She was pretty tired by evening time but went back to work today. She's my little trooper!!

  4. BA- Right on all counts. Covering their own butts so that anything that rolls down will bypass them and go straight to us. The inmates have more rights and better attorneys.

    Squiddly- I'm glad to hear she's okay. Gave me quite a fright. I had to really work to make a joke or two before she left. And for me, that's desperate!