Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hidden Meanings

We had a real beeotch of a night, but I'll tell you about that later. I have a feeling that it's going to be an ongoing story anyway.

KP is still gone and it's beginning to look like they aren't going to let him come back and that pisses me right the snap off.

But there's even something else going on that just made me shut my mouth. One of those stupid things that you look at every day and don't notice how screwed up it is until someone else points it out to you.

Out back of the admin building they put up a little shrine-like thing with a couple of park benches and some birdhouses and little trees and a stone marker and a sign about crime victims. The sign, hand painted by an inmate, of course, reads "Crime Victims Rights" and underneath in bigger letters it reads "Fairness Dignity Respect" and it has an arm holding up a statue of liberty type torch with flames coming out of it.

It looks nice enough. Been up for a couple of weeks now and I walk past it every single day on the way in and on the way out.

On the way out I ran into Vinnie who says "Look at this and tell me what's wrong with this picture." We walk towards the sign and I'm scanning it, looking at the words and the spelling... not seeing anything yet. I look at the arm and up the torch and then to the flames...... and my mouth just drops open.

Right in the middle of the flame coming out of the torch is this large and very obvious (once you see it) ........ ummmm...... phallic shape.

Yup.... yup..... bigger than life and bright orange. There's a penis on top of the torch. In full detail.

I couldn't say for sure that he did it on purpose. But I'm willing to bet that whoever painted that is smiling smugly over his little joke. I'm guessing he made his own little hidden statement about what he thinks of crime victims rights.

This is the kind of nefarious people we are dealing with every day.

Not exactly Dr. Moriarty, but very devious in their own little ways.

And I feel like a fool for not noticing it earlier.

Great powers of observation there, Rev! Sheesh.


  1. Where the hell is the picture? I'm dying to see it, poach the pic and write about it on my own blog. C'mon Rev, don't tease me!

  2. Vinnie pointed it out to me tonight and now when I look at it THAT'S ALL I SEE!! I really liked that sign before. Now all I see is a big orange pee-pee! Thanks, Vinnie!

  3. Joe- Unfortunately, I would have to get official permission to take pictures anywhere near the place. They are real paranoid about that sort of thing.

    Peggy Sue- Kinda jumps right out at you, doesn't it?