Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting The Run-Around

It's been weeks now and still no word on KP's "investigation". I'm getting pissed off that he's still out of the house and I'm getting pissed off that nobody is saying anything or doing anything.

I started trying to rock the boat a little bit. Fat lot of good it did me, tho.

I asked the Boss Man and he said "They won't tell me anything. Since he works for me I can't be in on the process. I was acting Warden the day it came up in the meeting and they threw me out of the room. Go figure."

I asked Captain Van Dough and he said it was Captain Spit.

I asked Captain Spit and he said it was the investigator.

I asked the investigator and he said it was the other investigator.

Can you see why I'm getting a little disgruntled?

The investigator did tell me "What he said in his report did not match what we saw on the video. He needs to learn to report exactly what happened, not what he thought might happen."

What the snap does that mean?

Tomorrow I am going to put a bug in a few more ears and see where it gets me. Probably nowhere, but at least if they are going to be that much of a pain in the butt about it, I'm going to be somewhat of a pain back.

I can remember several other staff (no names mentioned) that they basically let run amok down in the Hive and other places for moths on end without any reprisals. But one use of force and instead of asking the people involved "What happened here? See? That doesn't look right." they just yank him out and leave him in limbo.

And leave us without our cornerstone guy. He ran that house around us and made sure that things got done. And his people skills are 100% better than mine are. I can remember several times watching him with inmates and thinking "You know, I would have just planted him on the ground about five minutes ago."

We're supposed to give the inmates the run-around on this investigation crap. Not staff.

Can I make a difference?

I doubt it, but I'm going to try.


  1. Good luck with all that. Frankly, it almost makes you want to question everything you do down there. If I can't do my job or defend myself without fear of reprisal from up could make you hesitate. Hesitation could get us killed. D-E-D dead!

  2. Drew- It's the old saying.. "Those who can't do, teach. And those who can do neither supervise." We are being hag-ridden by supervisors who don't or can't remember what it was like to be forced to make snap decisions that might have someone's life in the balance. They can just lock someone up or have them put under investigation and make a decision a few months down the road. We have to decide right this instant and hope we get to go home intact at the end of the night.