Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Apparently I suck at being a rabble rouser. Went in today to try and put a few bugs in a few more ears about this dang investigation and nobody was in their offices! Snap!

Went over to talk to Capt Acting Major and found the Boss man in her office and cornered them both about it. They both gave me the same reply I got yesterday "It's in the hands of the investigator and there's nothing we can do about it. The last staff investigation took eight months. Be patient."

Aw, scr*w that. If they take eight months I'm going to be pissed. Not that it would matter to them in the least. Maybe if I went into the investigators office and threw a temper tantrum it would get something done.

Yeah, it'd get me tossed out on stress leave. Don't need that biz.

And apparently someone on midnights failed at doing their wing checks. Sometime during the early morning hours they found an inmate in his cell all beat up. Beat up bad enough he had to go to the hospital. And they didn't secure the cell for the investigator, they just took his cellies word that the guy went nuts and did it to himself.

From what I heard, his injuries were bad enough that we are pretty sure he didn't do that to himself.

But now all the rest of us are taking the heat for them slacking off.

We are required to check on the suicide watch guys every fifteen minutes and the other wings once an hour. If you are determined, you can do alot of damage to somebody in an hour. It's happened before even when regular checks were being done.

But we'll take the blame anyway, just because of who we are.

The higher ups seem to identify us with our inmates. And since we get nothing but knuckleheads down in the Hive, they treat us like we are knuckleheads as well.

I'm not just "some" knucklehead! That's "Officer Knucklehead" to you, mister!

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