Sunday, May 9, 2010

Had My Running Shoes On!

And it was a good thing, too! When I heard what we were walking into, I really wanted to just run back out to my truck and run home.

First thing I hear at the front desk is "The treatment house is going nuts! Peggy Sue had to come in on her day off and she is all SORTS of pissed off!"

Hoo boy. Just what I wanted to hear on my monday, right? I gazed longingly back out at the parking lot where my truck sat and wondered if I could just call in from the gas station down the road.

But I sucked it up and pressed on.

When I got to central they tell me my house is full and they have been kicking people out to lock other ones up.

Ooooohhhhh ...... snap. Back to that again, is it? Nice.

I think I feel a recurring attack of appendicitis coming on....

But I'm stupid and went down there anyway. Jumped in and helped out where I could. BG is still on vacation, so I had Sausage with me. I shuffled him off on someone else so he could natter at them awhile so I could get some work done.

Then, just about the time we got caught up with everything...... "10-49! 10-49! By the baseball field!"

Well, duh! Hey Einstein! We got three baseball fields here! Which freaking one? Sgt Strings sends someone out to check the one nearest us. Finally they figure out it's on B-side.

So we kick two out and get two in. And there's the usual confusion with the control center about the numbers. Happens every time.

After shift change it calms down for an hour or so and we get the house fed and me and Sausage take out a round of rec. And while we are out on the rec yard..... "10-49! 10-49! A-side by rec!"

And here we go again. Kick two out to get two in. Except this time one of the cellies of a guy getting kicked out says "You better not try to put anybody black in here! I won't take him!" Aaaand of course they guy we tried to put in there was black so the other dude was sitting on the bench when I left. And getting another violation to boot.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that one of our control panels in the bubble went out the night before. Apparently when the IT guy came in to try and fix it, he grabbed the wrong wire, not only shocking himself but completely frying the panel in the process. So now if you want something open in A or B wings, you have to yell and whoever is in the bubble has to run over to the C&D side panel and pop whatever door you want open.

I can just envision some bean counter up in the capital saying "Do they really need two panels?" Then they'll do a $25,000 evaluation before they decide to replace a $1000 panel.

And we wonder why the state is broke.

Ah, me.


  1. I had tickets for the 12:40 showing of Iron Man II. It was my Mother's Day present. You darn right I was all kinds of pissed off! But when they call you 4 times and the last time a staff member has been assaulted, there's not even a question of what's more important. Think I'll take off early some day this week and catch the matinee.

  2. Peggy Sue- When I heard that they had called you in, my hackles went up. I'm just glad it didn't turn out worse than it did. I'll buy your popcorn!