Monday, May 3, 2010

Leaning Disconnected

I was going to title this post "Learning Disabled" but I thought someone might take offense to the comment as making fun of people with actual disabilities.

I thought better of it, tho.

I had originally mean to use the word "disabled" as in computerese meaning "turned off" as in "This function has been disabled".

But when we are talking about inmates it's just disconnected. Especially down in the Hive. I'm constantly surprised these idiots manage to eat without stabbing themselves in the eye.

Take this cheesehead (not meaning one who hails from Minnesota) in C-wing. He won't learn that screaming Code 16 at the top of his lungs and saying he is having breathing problems will get him nowhere. The action contradicts itself. But he's too stupid to realize it.

He won't learn that no matter how many thousands of times he asks me what time it is that I will not answer him.

Today was his TASC day, where he got to go to rec and use the phone. The deal is, you go outside for rec, and then when you come back in you get your phone call. When BG went up to ask him what he wanted, he said he just wanted to use the phone. No big deal. We put him on.

When he was finished on the phone he said "Can I go outside now?" When he was told he couldn't, he grumbled a bit then went back to his cell.

An hour later when we were taking another round out to rec, he started screaming that he wanted to go outside. I told him he should have gone when we first asked him. So he started kicking his door and screaming for the Sarge. I was in the office when he started that and Sarge said "I'll go make his day. He doesn't have sh*t coming." Sarge went out and came back and said "Oh yeah. He's mad as hell."

Every time we went through with another round of rec he started up again. If he starts the same crap tomorrow he won't even get a phone call. It is entirely within my rights if I feel that he is not in control of himself or his actions to deny him his TASC day activities. Basically, if he wants to act like a snaphead, he can be a snaphead in his cell by himself and not out on my rec yard.

What do you think the odds are that he learned anything at all from tonights little lesson?

About the same odds as winning the lottery without having bought a ticket, I'd say.


  1. People are so unappreciative. I'll bet there are a couple thousand mothers right now dreaming of a quiet room with somebody bringing you food.

  2. Amy- I'm sorry, but the thought of trading my knuckleheads for women just gave me the chills. Brrr....
    You want peace and quiet? Don't come here. You can be alone, but it's never quiet.