Sunday, May 16, 2010

Repetition Repetition Repetition

One of the things that always gets a good workout during my day is my hands. Sometimes doing heavy lifting and sometimes doing fine motor skills.

On a good busy day I open and close a hundred padlocks and apply and remove a hundred pairs of handcuffs.

In between that is lifting food service tray and cups and laundry bags and bags of property.

And the constant writing writing writing. Even if it just my initials or a d/s date. Once in each file, every single day. Sometimes typing reports. Sometimes writing violations.

And on my days off I go down to the shop and cut wood and run it through the band saw and drill holes and drive in screws and nails for relaxation.

My hands get another good workout. By now you would think they would be all huge and gnarly with all of the exercise they get.

No, they are pretty much just painful these days.

A couple of weeks ago I started developing a good case of tendinitis in my right elbow. "Tennis elbow", if you can believe it. Every time I lifted anything more than a few grams in weight or moved a certain way it felt like the muscles in my elbow were trying to tear loose.

I started wearing a brace around my arm, using heat pads and lots of generic Ben Gay and taking tylenol.

This weekend I worked all day friday until I thought my arm would fall off, trying to get some things done.

Today it is much better and I think I might just leave the brace at home tomorrow.

We'll see how it goes, I guess.

Getting old really sucks.


  1. My pains move around. One week it's the feet, next week it's my arms. It's like my body plays spin the bottle with pain.

  2. Guy- I'm still not used to this getting old stuff. But it seems like everything is just falling apart one after another. I knew I should have bought the extended warranty with the rust proof undercoating! Dang!

  3. I feel old each and every day and I'm not yet 50. The joints hurt and I feel the arthritis kicking in a little bit more as the weeks pass. I think retirement is what the doctor ordered.