Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sick Day Post 2

Woke up this morning feeling like my nose was the size of a Volkswagen van. And it obviously had a hole in the radiator from all of the greenish stuff pouring from it.

My head, which is not well attached at the best of times, kept threatening to fly off at any moment. Especially at sudden loud noises.

I had poured enough antihistamines down my goozle to make me a jittery mess, but they did little to relieve my symptoms.

So I called in sick.

I hate to do that, but I would have been no use to anybody. And I'm sure eight hours of blowing my nose into state toilet paper would have left me raw. The paper towels are softer. At least here I have a rapidly dwindling supply of kleenex.

Rather than just sit here, I thought I might go down and clean up my shop a little, but after I had sneezed approximately 3,000 times in 30 seconds, I gave it up as a bad idea and went back up to the house. Sawdust didn't agree with me, it seems.

Yesterday I went to the local do it yourself store with the intention of buying some wood. Instead, I ended up buying a bandsaw. I couldn't resist. It was the last one they had in stock and the little old guy running the department gave me 10% off because it was the floor model.

So I got a bandsaw and screws and nails and glue and stain and sealer and some other stuff. Everything to make more chairs except the wood. You see, by the time the little old guy and I had wrestled that saw into the back of my truck, I was too tired to go back and pick up a load of lumber. And I didn't have much room left for wood anyway.

Ah, well.

I suppose I need to either slow down on the chairs until I sell a few or find something else just as fun to make. My storage space is getting kind of full.

Well, obviously the cold meds are kicking in. I keep finding myself just sitting here with fingers poised over the keyboard and staring at something about ten feet behind my monitor.

Think I'll go stare at something about ten feet behind my teevee set instead.

And let's be careful out there.


  1. I went to the Minute Clinic at CVS pharmecy, because I knew I had more than a cold when it lasted so long. Besides, my face hurt. I'm familiar with sinusitis. The nurse gave me antibiotics and told me to buy Mucinex. You might want to give that a try if you haven't already; it's amazing!

  2. I know what you mean Rev. I was sick Friday and Saturday, Sarge said I looked like butt. I just had to call in today too. I wonder if the miss me next door. Ha Ha. Starting to feel better today. I just needed to rest.

  3. No, the only other times I've missed (2) were because of the Squid. She being a premie gets sick a lot still and Momma is running out of days. I just got lucky caught what the Squid had. Joy.

  4. Donna- I'm only on day 2 so far. I think I might make it in today. The wife keeps telling me to go to the doc, but I don't think it's necessary. No chest congestion, just sinuses.

    Anon- It's going around, for sure. We need self-contained body armor, or something.

    Guy- It all stems from working in that toxic waste dump we call the Hive. If anybody from CDC ever came in there, I'd bet they would be in level 4 isolation suits.