Monday, February 8, 2010

A Mark Of Pride?

In the old days if someone went into the service and off to war it was assumed that they would come home with a tattoo.

That is, if they came home at all.

They would get their branch of service and where they fought and maybe something saying "Mother". Traditional stuff.

A few years ago I had a dorm worker who had the word "Death" tattooed across the front of his throat. Young kid, early twenties. Not a bada**. He got in trouble alot for his mouth but nothing serious.

I saw that tat and said "Oh yeah, I'll bet your mother is proud of you!" He just shrugged and walked away.

Whatever. He's not my kid.

Tonight out on the rec yard while they were standing in the snow they were talking about their tats and what they wanted to get. One guy said "Yeah, I want to get either 'Murderer' or maybe 'Psycho Killer' on my chest."

I looked out to see who was doing the talking. Yeah........ He's in for drugs and burglary. He's a killer, all right.

If I ever had a kid that went to prison the last thing they would see before they left was my biggest skinning knife and a soldering iron. I'd say "You cover yourself with stupid tattoos in there, I'm going to remove them when you get back out."

And if I ever own a business and some twit with "Death" tattooed across his neck comes in looking for a job I'll make him hit the road so hard he skids ten feet down the sidewalk.

What the snap are they thinking?


  1. I agree, visible tatts usually portray an opinion and I'd rather not get opinions unless I ask for them.

  2. So you're saying it's a bad idea for me to get a tatt across my chest saying 'Touch my boobs'? (just so we're clear, you know....)

  3. Guy- If they are going to put their opinions in my face, they better expect me to respond to them. And i do. And they usually don't like it.

    Amy- If you are into random strangers doing that.... well.... what can I say?

  4. We've had a couple folks with real good qualifications come in looking for work, but their visible tats made them unhirable. Our bosses were gung ho for one person until they saw the person walking away and saw the tat on the back of their neck. Something about a screaming skull with rotting eyeballs and snakes shooting out of the mouth just said unprofessional appearance, not appropriate for sales work.

  5. Death is back, FYI. I dunno where, but came in last week on the short bus.
    I really don't like that bird.