Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hit The Ground Running

Yeah. Another one of those nights.

Walk in and the guys up front are talking about the 10-5 they had down in the wobblehead house this morning. I'm thinking "Hoo boy! Glad I wasn't here for that one!"

And I get to Central and I'm just reaching for the clipboard to sign in and .... "10-5! 10-5!"

Oh snap. Sling my lunchbox over by the Lt's office and off I go, just to get jammed up in a cluster of people going down the stairs out the back door. Get out the door and out to the turnstile and "10-6 the 10-5."

Okey dokey. Turn around and find my lunchbox (with many heartfelt thanks to the guy who picked it up for me, btw..) and head down to the house. Only to find that they have been running like that all damn day and all of the empty beds we had when I left are now almost gone. We got two empty beds left and one is over in D-wing with a big gay weightlifter and the other is in A-wing with Dip Set.

Oh, just freaking lovely.

And to top it all off, about two hours into the shift I realize that my right knee is throbbing. I must have gone down those stairs wrong. And then I made a cardinal mistake. I mentioned it while the Lt was in the room. The conversation goes like this:

Me: "Dang! I must have gone down the stairs wrong running to that 10-5. My knee hurts a bit."

Lt: "You're going to file an accident report on that."

Me: "It's no big deal. It's just a little sore."

Lt: "You are going to file an accident report on that. Just in case." He looks at Sgt Miz P and says "You make sure he gets it done and I get my copy."

Me: "But..."

Lt: "Get it done."

Me: "Awwww.......... futz."

I should have known better.

So our two empty beds disappeared in the course of the night and I made up a makeshift kickout list just in case we needed to trade someone out. I guess it was a good thing, because they were calling for another lockup as BG and I were leaving.

I sure hope they kick some of those fools out in the morning.

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