Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Listening To Them Scream

Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I hate it.

Those days when my blog writes itself within five minutes of my arrival.

You just never know how it's going to work out.

This one actually scripted itself this morning while I was still snug in my bed and sound asleep.

They locked up some knucklehead from the wobblehead house about six o'clock this morning and he was being a royal pain in the a** when he got to the house. He was going to kill anybody who touched him and he was going to shake his dinky in everybodys face and he was going to kick some major butt. They had to cut his clothes off of him because he would not cooperate and they came real close to getting slammed and sprayed several times.

I don't know why they didn't just go ahead and do it right then. A mystery.

The Boss Man was in the house at the time and said "You know what? He needs a cellie. And old Dip Set over in C-wing has been begging to get out of there. Let's put him in there and see if that will calm this dude down."

Oh yeah. He calmed right down. As a matter of fact, he was so calmed down that by the time I got there, the dude was hiding underneath his bunk while Dip Set was screaming out the cell door.

And everybody else in A-wing was screaming to get him moved back out of there.

"Please man! You gotta get that nutcase out of here! He's been yelling and rapping since six this morning! He's driving us crazy!"

And we almost did have to move him. Chucky and Nancynurse and I went in to give Dip Set his meds. He was wound up like a jukebox plugged into a 220 outlet playing "Purple Haze". I imagine if you took the Pink Floyd movie "The Wall" and played it at twice the speed and projected it directly into your brain it would be like listening to Dip Set for five minutes.

The lad was wrapped up tight.

Fortunately, between his meds and his dinner, he calmed down again and was quiet for the next few hours.

Fortunately for us, anyway.

Unfortunately for everybody else in the wing, he started winding back up about ten o'clock when Chuck and I were getting ready to leave.

I suspect it's going to be a long night in A-wing.

Hee hee hee!

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