Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Suspect He May Be Crazy

Just so you know the kind of people we have to deal with on a day to day basis. Things have been a little slow on the wobblehead front of late. They have transferred out some of the more crazy ones.

We got an inmate on suicide watch the other night. We only kept him down in the Hive for a night or two then sent him back to his house. Some little old guy I had never seen before. Seemed harmless enough while he was down there. Didn't give us any troubles.

I looked in his file just to see why they had sent him to us. It read:

"Eating dirt and threatening staff with a rock and trying to smoke hair."

Ok, ummm....... yuck. Ummm.... yeah. Might want to keep an eye on him for a little while.


Now I'm glad we didn't keep him very long. That just gave me a case of the gee-whillikers.

And he seemed like such a nice little old guy.



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  2. "And he seemed like such a nice little old guy."
    That's what is said of me as well.

  3. "We have spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, and spam." "But I don't like spam!"

  4. actually we still have him,he is up in the T.C.U. in medical. My first encounter was when we put him in his cell, he didn't want to co-operate and almost got smashed by the door...thank goodness for the break away system working properly!!