Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stupid And Hungry

I'm not sure of all of the facts here, but I'll relate what I know and what I have heard about the stupidity today.

Supposedly this knucklehead got locked up today and was being a real pain when he got to the house. Since he was acting like a fool, they decided to put him in C-wing. When he gets into the wing, he says he's not going into that cell.

Rather than push the issue, they decide to move him into A-wing instead.

I probably would have pushed the issue. But I'm like that.

When they get him onto A-wing, he turns to the Squid and says "I'm going to kill myself."

Bingo! We have a winner. Back to C-wing they go. Strip him out and put him on suicide watch.

Well, that didn't make him happy. He starts yelling and screaming and covering the camera with loose crap he finds laying around in the cell. Little wads of toilet paper and such. You can never get rid of it all, it seems.

Apparently on one of his tries climbing up on the heater vent to reach the camera, he slips and hits his hand on the window sill. Concrete and cinder blocks. Man, you just can't beat them for durability. But they do tend to be rough on a body.

Punk boy gets an owie. When the nurse goes in to check him out, he says "Officer Chip did that to me when he slammed me into the wall."

Except they all saw him on camera do it to himself.

But since he's claiming a staff assault, all of the big guns come out. They send down Spanky with the camera to take pictures of his owie. The assistant investigator comes down to review the video. The other two main investigators come down and talk to the knucklehead (who pretty much admits he did it himself, from what I hear) and they take more pictures of his owie. And it is so small that it doesn't even show up on the pictures.

And everybody involved has to write paperwork on what happened and what they saw.

Me, I didn't see nothin'. I was off counting something somewhere else at the time.

That was all on day shift.

A few hours after they leave, here comes Big M with the camera. He's got a nurse with him and they have to do a medical assessment and take more pictures of his owie. I call Captain Crane and say "You know they already took two sets of pictures of this, right?" He says "Well, we're doing it again!"

Okey dokey.

So around comes dinner and knucklehead says "I'm on hunger strike! I won't eat as long as I am in this cell!"

But.... if you go on hunger strike we move you into a C-wing cell until you eat again....

Ah well, there's no real point in explaining it. He'll get hungry soon enough.

Just stuck on stupid.

And on an empty stomach, too. Oh well......

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  1. Capt.Crane called me at home saying the investigators said it was a use of force, and was i the one that could be barely seen off camera. Thank goodness NO !!! Chip and the others had to go back in last night and do paperwork.