Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Cop/Bad Cop

Amazingly enough, this old ploy works now and then. Especially when you don't really mean to play the role and it just turns out that way.

I was outside smoking when one of the yard dogs brought this knucklehead down the walk. I could hear him mouthing off and the yard dog was getting irritated. I know him and he doesn't get irritated easily. One of our cooler heads.

This pumpkinhead was mouthing about how he wasn't going to take any cellie and how we had better get ready because this was going to be an all night deal.

Right away I feel my blood pressure jack up a point or two and he hasn't been in the door thirty seconds and he is already getting on my nerves.

"Ok," I think to myself "If he wants to play it that way, we will play it that way. I got no problems with making him just as miserable as possible."

Sgt Banty comes out to talk to him and he's still singing the same tune. No cellie, no cooperation, he didn't do anything wrong so he's going to take it out on us. I go into the office and look around and see there is a C-wing cell open. And I have a sneaking feeling that if get him in there and he realizes where he is, there's going to be trouble.

That's all right. I'm ready for it.

Go back out in the hall and he is still mouthing. I grab up his file and say out loud "Ok, I'm done with him. Let's do this right now." and I go stand in front of the C-wing door, ready to rumble. The Bear comes out of the office and starts talking the guy down. Bear is taller and wider and younger than I am and knows how to tussle. He soft talks the dude and tells him that he really doesn't want to start any trouble down here and that he would get off alot easier if he would just go where we wanted to put him.

I just stand by the C-wing door looking really pissed off.

Knucklehead looks at me and looks up at me and then at Bear and says "I'll go if you take me in there." I just give a disgusted snort and slap the file in Bears hands and say "Here you go. You can have him." And I all but slammed into the office.

I figured playing bad cop was lost on him, but apparently it wasn't. When they got to the cell, he asked Bear "Who was that all pissed off out in the sally port?" Bear says "That was Rev. You really made him mad." Dude just looked down at his shoes and said "Oh sh*t."

I avoided going into that wing all night. Let him think I'm still pissed off and then tomorrow I'll chew him out and let him apologize.

And I was all worked up and ready for a throw-down and nothing happened. It was better the way it went down, but still.......


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  2. Jack- We get trained in defensive tactics in the academy and have to take a refresher every year. And i have a love/hate relationship with pepper spray. That stuff burns.