Monday, February 1, 2010

Poker Face

I met a future denizen of Raccoon City and probably the Hive this morning.

I can't/won't go into detail about who or where or why.

It's personal.

I've never actually met him face to face or even laid eyes on him. He was only a lump under the covers of a motel room. But I'm sure I'll be seeing his face very soon.

A small time drug dealer and a child molester and a domestic abuser. A petty street punk. One who has apparently evaded actually going to prison up to this point. I think that luck of his is going to run out fairly quickly.

He's invaded my space, so to speak. Popped up on my radar in a very personal way.

That doesn't bode well for his future personal happiness.

When he finally does go to prison I really do look forward to the day he comes into the Hive running his pie hole. I want to look into his face just one time.

Of course, I will have to report it up the chain and explain my connection with him and get him transferred to another camp.

I just want to see him one time. I want him to look into my eyes.

I won't even put my hands on him.

I won't need to.


  1. Obviously I was having a bad morning. It sucks to get hit with this stuff before you've finished your first cup of coffee. I'll try to be more upbeat tomorrow.

  2. Just don't put yourself on the other side of the Hive.

  3. Joe- I'm going to attempt to remain completely professional. No worries.

  4. KP- I know you guys got me. I appreciate that. I'll not get you off in a wreck. Promise.

  5. The fact is, most of the these punks do not need to be in the hive, just a simple 0.25 cent piece of lead therapy would do the trick.


  6. Look into my eyes.... your getting sleepy... sleepy....your open to any suggestion. Now, kill yourself!