Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love Letters

It's a weird little rule. Offenders in prison are not allowed to send letters to other offenders inside the same institution. They can send and receive letters from other offenders in other institutions, but not the same one.

But as usual, they have ways of beating the system. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

One of the ways they get around that is by sending out a letter with an incomplete address or no stamp but with the return address of the other offender on the envelope. That way, if it reaches the mail room, they will send it "back" to the name on the return address.

When I pick up mail out of the cell doors, I try to scan for any of that sort of silliness going on. Outgoing mail is not sealed until it leaves the institution so it can be inspected by DOC employees.

We have caught two bogus letters this week. One coming in and one going out. Neither of them have reached their intended destinations.

Bad news. "Big D" won't learn that "Little D"still loves him and that the homies are looking out for him out on the hill until he gets out. And "Lola Bunny" is breaking up with "Choppa". Apparently Choppa has herpes and Lola don't want none of that. Besides, she's fallen for her new cellie.

Man, that just breaks my heart.


  1. The sad think is they are better at being romantic than my hubby

  2. Lola broke up with her new cellie Sun morn,tried to check in and new cellie took "her" hostage. So 10-5 called at 6:45 am...10-6 at 7:09 am. Cell sealed till investigator showed up, took pics, then released the cell. WHAT A DAY !!!!

  3. Anon- I don't think I'd care for any of my paramours to be that icky.

    Squiddly- I heard about that one. I always miss the good stuff....