Monday, October 19, 2009

Warning Signs

The Hive is occasionally referred to as "Wobblehead South" since we have so many of the wobble house inmates down there at any given time. BG refers to them as the "Sillys". Sounds better than wobblehead. I guess I'll use it. Easier to type, too.

But lately we have been getting more and more of them. And tonight we had another fight down there and one of them ended up going to the hospital. They thought that his skull might have been fractured but it turns out it was pretty much just his nose got mashed.

The one who did the beating is one of our frequent fliers. A pretty big boy and just as crazy as a box of leaky doughnut holes. And spattered in blood from head to toe.

Something is definitely wrong down there.

They have a special program in the Silly house. Something flowery and technical sounding with an acronym. I never understood exactly what it meant. But it supposedly is to help them get along in the general population and outside if they ever get released.

It doesn't seem to be working.

As a matter of fact, it doesn't seem to be working at a rather alarming rate.

Two major fights in a week. At least a couple of shanks have been found down there and we have I think five offenders from there who are refusing to go back to the house or the program.

Are we the only ones who are seeing that there may be a major problem with their little program?

I haven't been down there lately but I will bet the squirrels are getting fat and severely dependent on all of the lithium and thorazine those guys are spitting out in the grass.

So they aren't taking their medications, half of the are in the Hive refusing to go back and the other half are actively trying to kill each other.

Isn't that a pretty blaring sign?

I thought it was. But what do I know?

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