Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ASAP Calls

I just hate the ASAP calls. They mean that something bad has happened or something bad is about to happen or somebody found something bad that needs to be handled right away.

It's like when you are in a hospital and they call for something "Stat". They always mean "right freaking now, not ten minutes from now or even tens seconds from now, but right freaking now or somebody is probably going to die."

So we're up in D-wing finishing closing the windows since it didn't get done on day shift. Nothing against them, they were busy. And we hear a call for the B-yard sarge to come down to the wobblehead house ASAP.

Oh snap. That is not a good place for an ASAP call.

A few minutes later we hear a garbled call from there and we all freeze. The Control Center asked them to repeat and we hear "Code 16! (medical emergency) We got a guy down here with his head all busted open!"

Oh snap again.

All of us.. Me, Chuck, KP and the New Guy (haven't figured out a name for him yet) all cross our fingers and silently pray "Please let it be an accident! Maybe he just slipped and fell!"

No such luck. Not long after that here comes a lockup. No blood on him, so I'm assuming he's not the one who got beat up. It's B&C (for Big and Crazy), who manages to assault someone every time he gets let out of the house, it seems.

I ask him "Did you get in a fight again?"

He just nods and says "Yup. I did." So we lock him in a cell.

And the great part about that was we never even got a call that they were locking him up. He just showed up in cuffs with another C.O. Heck, we didn't even know why he was getting locked up until I asked him. I just love the flow of information.

I get intel from other staff who have seen the guy and the nurse when she finally comes down. The dude had a cut on his forehead all up into his scalp and came very close to losing his ear. So it looks like B&C will be facing some new charges again.

And the thing is, he's one of the quietest and calmest inmates from the wobblehead house we ever get. It's always "Yes, Sir" and "No Sir" and "Please" and "Thank you" when we are dealing with him down in the hive.

But at least we managed to get the D-wing windows closed. Something went right.

And tomorrow is my friday. Yayyyyyyyyyyy!


  1. I think I know which Big and Crazy you're talking about. I'm not so sure he's all that crazy. Seems to me that every inmate he beats up (and usually ends up nearly killing), is a child molester. I'm guessing he was a victim in his childhood and now it's time for a little payback. But yeah, never a problem with staff, very polite. I kinda like the guy.

  2. BA- He says he has "come to terms" with his hatred of the chomos. Whatever that means. I never did find out what set him off this time.

  3. I like his matter-of-fact "Yup...I did."

    My hub knows when I say calmly "Come here this minute." that the gates of evil are about to bust open. Like yesterday when a snake almost slithered across my foot, but I didn't want to scream and freak outthe kids.