Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miss Dorothy Has Left The Building

Miss Dorothy has left us and gone on to another job outside of the DOC. Tonight was her last night.

That just sucks. I know it's good for her. Hell, she got away from this snaphole of a place so it's got to be good. I know she was having to commute a long way to get here and it was hard on her.

But dammit, she was one of the good ones! She was one of the people you could count on to be there and do the things that needed to be done. We don't get alot of those.

And now she's gone.... snif........ pfui.

Miss Dorothy, we will miss you, dear. Come back to the blog at least now and then to reminisce, okay? Let us know how you are doing and what life outside the wire is really like. The rest of us have been here too long to remember things like that.

On the other hand, I hear that we will soon be losing Mr. Nose Hair.

I won't shed a single sniffle over him.

I'm sorry, but he's too young, too immature and too insecure to be working in this place and even though we will be down another officer, I think in the long run we will be a little safer without him here.

I just hope he doesn't get anybody else killed where he's going.

So, we lose one good one and one bad one. That's the way it goes.

And we'll just keep truckin' along...... doing life in prison on the installment plan.


Bye, Miss Dorothy!


  1. This almost made me cry. Thank you very much for the kind words. I will miss most of you guys. I will not miss your hive though. Stay safe! Of course I am going to keep up with your blog. I still am going to want to know what is going on!

    Miss Dorothy

  2. Hey, what's with the lack of posts here. Just because it's your birthday dosen't mean you take off from the blog. Rat bastard!

  3. Miss Dorothy- I didn't mean to make you cry, dear. Just wanted to know you will be missed.

    Guy- Tend to your own knitting!