Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something Doesn't Belong Here

OK, I'm having a major issue. It's almost enough to make the old adage "Ignorance Is Bliss" seem true.

I wrote the other night about the Cockroach and how much I detest him. And I wrote that the reason they locked him up was that he came up behind one of the cooks and rubbed his crotch on her. And he was bragging about it in the wing later when they thought we couldn't hear.

Well I found out tonight that not only was that not the first time he had done that very same thing to her, but she didn't even want him locked up for it this time! They had to force her to go and write a violation.

Clearly, this woman does not need to be working inside a male prison.

KP told me that she is just very meek and mild and doesn't want to make any waves of cause anybody any trouble. She will tell them to get to work and they will tell her to f*ck off and she doesn't do anything at all about it.

And she let that little slime sack hump her backside more than once and she was almost in tears when they locked him up and they made her write a violation.

And what if the next time he got a little bolder and actually tried to rape her? Would she have just pulled her clothes back on and gone about her work?

I repeat: Clearly, this woman does not need to be working inside a male prison.

I have nothing against women working here. Some of our female staff are much tougher than I am and some of them are just some mean bee-otches from the word "go".

I know, I'm married to one of them.

But this woman has no business working here at all. Things like that will get out of hand quickly and somebody will get seriously hurt.

It has to stop and she has to go.


  1. True dat. It's a bad situation waiting to happen.

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  3. I can't believe she just let this go on. Yes, she needs to go before writing a report is the least of her worries. What the hell is she doing working there in the first place?

  4. When I go in this evening I am going to make sure that the info gets a little further up the chain. This kind of thing is very very bad.