Monday, October 5, 2009

Paying My Dues

Apparently my selective hearing only works to protect my sanity, not my hearing. I'm now seemingly paying my dues for working in such a noisy environment.

You know that raspy buzzy noise that a blown speaker makes? Well, now when I hear a loud noise like an inmate screaming to a friend in another wing or a big steel door slamming shut, my right ear is making that noise. It's disconcerting and distracting. And it makes me feel a little ill when it happens.

Small noise, like a conversational tone of voice, doesn't bother me. And I keep my radio on my left shoulder so it doesn't bother me there either.

So I think tomorrow morning I will make an appointment to see my doctor as soon as possible. It's time for my cholesterol check again anyway. I'll have him take a peek inside my head and see if there's anything at all in there. (half grin) You know when you have engine trouble and the mechanic pops your hood and whistles and says "Hoo boy......" I really hope my doctor doesn't do that when he looks in my ear.

In the meantime I think I will wear one earplug or maybe a cotton ball in that ear. Something to muffle the noise and stop that awful rattling in my head.

Snap! Getting old sucks. Why didn't I start doing this when I was younger? But then, I was much nicer when I was young. I wouldn't have been anywhere near as good at it back then.


  1. Cliff has tinnitus, a constant buzzing in one ear that never stops. There's no cure for it. Some days it's worse than others. Poor guy.

  2. Your baby sister is going in tomorrow for a bunch of tests and x-rays to find out if she's worn out some parts.

    Getting old sucks.

  3. Donna- I don't know how he puts up with that. I think it would drive me nuts. Whatever this is comes pretty close some days.

    Critter- You don't get to retire before I do! No way!