Saturday, October 10, 2009

No I Won't Make You One, Sorry

OK, just in case anybody was laboring under the impression that I was some kind of genius (he says as he rooooollls his eyes) here's the proof that I might just possibly be one step up from a totally brain dead idiot.

I posted while I was on vacation about Guy and his swell blog (grin) and how he got me on the idea of making an adirondack chair. And I wrote about how I sweated and ciphered and cut and sawed and split wood and cussed and finally made one and how proud I was. It turned out okay. So much okay in fact, that I have had people asking me how much I would sell them for, if I was so inclined to make more of them.

I'm not quite sure I want to go there just yet. As long as I am making them for fun, it's all fun. But if I start making them to sell, it might seem like work and I might not enjoy making them anymore. I don't know.

At any rate, I had this brilliant idea that I would make a smaller version. Mostly due to the fact that I didn't have enough wood on hand to make another full-sized one. So I sat down and sweated and ciphered some more and figured I would make a chair half the size of the first one.

It seems there was an error in my ciphering somewhere. Maybe I should have gone for three-quarter size instead. The sucker turned out only sixteen inches wide and only about nineteen inches tall! Ack!!!!!

Big enough, maybe, for a two year old. Or somebody really short whose butt is no more than about seven inches wide. That sure lets me out.

I don't think I'm mentally set up for making itty-bitty things like that. Even though it was cold in the shop I was sweating bullets like I was performing brain surgery when I tried to put the damn thing together.

I'm just glad that the demon possessed thing is done. I'll take it back down to the shop and throw a coat of stain and sealer on it and call it good. Then I'll stick it up in the storage and never look at it again.

And no, before you ask, I will not make you one.

Forget it.


  1. Mothers will buy anything for their kiddies. Make a shitload and stick 'em out in the front yard with a price tag on them. That's what one guy by my mom's house does!

    (My WV = heezi. Yo, off the heezi, girl....bring me some o' that sugar over here....)

  2. Dude, I'm sure they will sell. The problem is they take as much work to build them as the larger chairs.

  3. most excellent job! and i agree with amy, people will buy anything.

    but i also agree with you, when it becomes a job and not a hobby it starts sucking ass big time.

    and that, my friend? isnt' so swell.

    fo shizzle.

  4. hahahahhahahahahhahahaha! the next word verification is PRICKS.

    i had to take it. HAD TO.

    what? i'm 43 and i am acting my age :)

  5. Your wife will have a dozen friends who would kill to have that chair. They will paint it pink and glue flowers all over it.

  6. Amy- I'm just so used to making big things that making that little thing almost drove me nuts. But once I cut all the pieces I wanted to finish it.

    Guy- Don't I know it! I think the little ones are actually more work than the big ones.

    Heather Kathleen- If it had been fun, I would have made more of them. It wasn't. Too small. Going to try the 3/4 size next and see how it goes. I think the word verification thingy was reading my mind, there. Sorry.

    Anon- They can make their own out of paper. It's what they do. Or they can use my shop. I'm down with that.

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