Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oh, Yes We Do!

Somebody (I don't know who) hung a sign remarkably like this up in the office the other day. I couldn't find a pic of the exact one so I made my own and edited it a little.

It is so very true. Especially of those of us who have made Adseg our home. We must all be mentally or psychologically scarred in some hideous way or another to continue to work in this nasty environment.

And we, in our own twisted little ways, always find an avenue to make it funny.

Throughout the years, many many signs have come and gone from the walls in the office. This one may be destined for greatness, tho. It's just so apropos.

The other day we had a few minutes just to sit and unwind and collect what little wits we have before going on to the next crisis. Chuck, with his wide smile and devious ways, sat down and started drawing something. Then he pulled out his bandage scissors and started cutting and he wouldn't show anybody what he was doing until he was done. Next thing we know he is climbing up on the desk (not an uncommon occurrence down in the Hive) and he is taping a large black tophat to Dr Phils head.

And today he alternately sported a propeller beanie, a set of red horns, something that looked like a cross between a cowboy hat and a medium-pimpin' fedora, and mickey mouse ears.

Of course we found all of this extremely funny.

So poor Dr Phil, with his serious message about our mental health, has become nothing more than a comic relief paper doll for us to play with.

I suspect that if someone were to place a picture of Mother Theresa on the wall she would soon be sporting Dolly Parton cleavage and a set of Groucho Marx glasses.

I would hate to see what would happen if they made us hang a picture of the Governor on the wall in there. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

It's all in good fun, tho. And it keeps the monsters away.

P.S. I removed the ads. I kept seeing ads for places to send money and phone minutes to inmates. I can't condone that sort of thing. Pfui.

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