Saturday, December 13, 2008

Training: A Retrospective

Well, I just completed five days of my annual recertification training. Three days worth of classroom stuff, one day getting banged up by my fellow staff and one day shooting the guns. Do I feel smarter? No, not really. Do I feel I have learned more tools to use? No, not really. It was all stuff that I pretty much already knew. Did I have a good time? For the most part, yes. For all the kvetching I did about it, it was fun and kind of relaxing. I got to wear comfy clothes to work and act like a ninny and got to meet some new people. There were a few people that I "knew", like my coach out on the range, but had never really spent much time with. I just knew that he did a good job up there in Central Suck (not going to explain that one) but I never really "knew" that he was such a good cat. And there were quite a few people that I recognized but never actually met before. So, all in all, it was good.

The end result? I'm a bit more relaxed. A bit banged up and a little sore, but not too bad. It was worth it, in my book. And for some of us, me especially, a bit more relaxed is a good thing.

I get uptight sometimes.


  1. Glad you got over being so uptight, if even for a week! LOL

  2. *phew* what a week you had - my bones ache just reading it all.

    Did sound kinda fun though.