Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, the humanity!

There's not much in this world, except maybe a fire in a brothel, that is more disturbing to watch than a crew self-destructing. This one has been going on for awhile, but today the ol' Drama-O-Meter pegged itself out and everything just went to snit. Drama everywhere... phone calls back and forth, lieutenants and captains involved, paperwork being written, people being moved around and pulled out of the house and threatened, the boss and the Assistant Warden (not the Big Cheese, one of the smaller cheeses) getting drug into it. And a few people (who will remain nameless) egging things on from the sidelines and watching it with glee. F***ing wonderful. Outf***ingstanding. Inf***ingcredible.

Drama Queens, every single one of them. Well, except for B.A. He and I were the only ones not directly involved in the whole mess. We just got swept along like old used soup cans in the flood.

There's an opening coming up, so it is rumored, on evening shift. In my old spot. Maybe in a couple of weeks or so I can slip back out on the rec yard and leave them to run the house like they do on evenings. It's really not what I wanted, but any old port in a storm...

And it was my monday, too.


  1. sorry about your soap opera Monday, punkin. Perhaps it's divine justice for the crusty comments? Love from the curmudgeonly one.

  2. The great John lennon said it best: "Instant Karma's gonna get you. Gonna knock you off your feet."

    Auntie dear, you are my favorite curmudgeoness.

  3. I wasn't exactly blameless in all the ongoing drama. I smirked on more than one occasion.

  4. Oh, and for the record, a little crust never hurt anybody.....

  5. And the Rev sets to giggling all over again. Thanks you two. I feel much better now.

  6. Isn't Auntie getting hotter in each new photo she uses on her blog?

  7. Guy - shut up.

    Rev, glad you feel better. God only knows what fresh new hell awaits you today.

    Oh wait, I don't know where you are but you could alreayd by having your "day" right now.

  8. Guy- Rrrrowwwrrr......

    Auntie- Thanks, luv. It was a day. Started out with everyone I met asking "What the hell happened down there yesterday?" Ended up pretty much the same way.
    By the time you posted I'd already been there for over an hour.