Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Lesson Learned (maybe)

A lesson learned on both sides of the door. PB (The inmate formerly known as Poop Boy), has laid down and behaved himself for right about twenty four hours, so far. Maybe the combination of being naked except for his home made garnish for several hours and the meal loaf has taught him that being an idiot will not look good on his resume'. And we, apparently, in the business of the day, neglected to fill out the Alternate Meals Request Form yesterday. Snap! I'm not pointing fingers or blaming anyone. I'm as much at fault as anyone for not catching it and making sure it was done. So PB gets to go back to bag lunches with cheese sandwiches and cookies. He only got nine meals of the loaf instead of going on to eighteen more. Our fault. Now that we've caught it, that won't happen again.

And, if the lesson gets forgotten in the next thirty days, we can go right back to the loaf again with no problems. Hopefully we won't have to. Most days I can do without the extra drama. Having to raise 175 of someone else's children for eight hours a day is often enough drama for me.


  1. Thank god there are people like you who can DO this job. Not for everyone, and those that gravitate to that kind of job....well, that's another story for a post, I am sure.

    (boolla)<-- the Italian word for "booger."

  2. Meal loaf, is that also known as confinement loaf? A food that makes them calm down?

  3. Auntie- some of the people who want to work there for the excitement shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the place. It's those of us who just want to work and stay busy that last the longest.

    Guy- It calms them down all right. Takes a day or so. It's so nasty they want to behave themselves to get regular food again. I put in the recipe a post or two back. Even to call it food should be considered blasphemy.