Thursday, December 25, 2008

Time Well Spent

Time well, spent, indeed. This is where the big bada** CO turns into a little kid. My dad and stepmom know that I have kind of a thing for dragons. SO I get alot of dragon stuff. They got me the big dragon book on the lower left for my birthday back in october and the other two for christmas. The other big one contained twelve cardboard dragon models. The kind you have to fit the slots together.... you know. They were kind of a pain to do with these big clummocky fingers I got but my daughter has long slender fingers and she helped out "poor old dad" with his toys. Together we spent a few hours going through the books and putting the models together. I think she actually had more fun doing that than playing guitar hero. But she wouldn't admit to that in a bazillion years.

Tomorrow I get to go back to being a professional jerk. Today I got to play with models and figure out puzzles and get beat at wii bowling by my daughter. Snap, she even beat me at wii golf! Me! I may never live it down.......


  1. Very cool dragons darev! I got one for the twins when they were into the "eregon" series. oh wait....i just got them the third book. LOL
    WII fit was the hit yesterday with the healthy twin, my WII age is 64! He smoked me on everything except the down hill skiing, (he's got to learn to balance on his heels)
    loop in da house

    (glick) the sound that those weird kids make when they lick the glue sticks

  2. Sounds like you had the perfect family holiday, Rev ! I am back to work to be an amateur jerk today....

    (bacersam) <-- the word for bacon in the old language of the old country known as Siam.