Thursday, December 18, 2008

And I'd Like To Thank.....

Everyone who has been reading this.  You guys have really kept me going.  This thing first started out as just a rant and relief to let me blow off steam.  Now thanks to you guys it's become something a little more. 

The picture above is from my Statcounter account.  My "recent visitors" map.  It shows me who has been visiting and where they are from.  I check it from time to time and it always makes me smile.  I'm getting to where I can recognize some of my regular readers, like Bad Actor and Auntie and Donna and Loopy and g and Guy by their isp.  And I see alot of repeat readers who are there regularly, even if I don't know who they are.

It seems I have some hardcore readers up in Michigan.  I've seen many repeat visits from Talor, Detroit (Go Motor City!), Eastpointe, Flint and Lapeer.  Yeah!  Hope you guys aint frozen in up there.

And in the Great Pacific Northwet I've got regular readers in Washington from Kennewick, Arlington, Everett, Mukilteo, Kent, Elma, Onalaska (Onalaska?), PeEll (?), and Winlock.  And down in Oregon I've got my regulars all the way from Warrenton (warntn), Astoria (of course) and all the way down to Brownsville.

And of course, I've got my regulars here in the Midwest Lead Bible Belt.  Kansas and Missouri and Arkansas and Kentucky and Illinois.  Even a few more here and there from Toronto and Gatineau Canada and all the way down to Houston, Texas, Spring Hill and Hobe Sound, Florida and Torrance and Sunnyvale, California.

I just want to say you guys rock and thanks for letting me vent.  I couldn't have done it without you.


  1. Yes, actually. It makes me feel like somebody that all those people are reading my blog. It's fun and I like it. And remember Guy, you are still my internet role model. If you weren't the Mark Twain of our time, I wouldn't have been inspired to start my own blog.

  2. Guy brought me and Loopy here, I do believe. I enjoy watching my statcounter, although when I look at what referred people to my blog, half the time it's a google thing, like "how long can a cold last" or something about ticks and Lyme disease. Oh yeah, and 2/3 of the readers stay zero minutes. I was blown away when I decided to use Google reader and found out 90 people subscribe to my blog through that medium, so they probably read me without ever actually going to my blog. One never really knows who's reading!

  3. I read via Google blog reader and don't show up on your map. So you likely have more readers than you think.

  4. You, my dear, have become part of my virtual "family" How could I resist a guy who teases so mercilessly ! Keep up the blogging!

    (phonac) someone who desires to have an intimate experience with their telephone

  5. Well.........thanks Darev, and Auntie is cracking me up with the difi's of the word veri's.

    (chmsess) charms that turn into a mess


  6. Its kinda of cool knowing your not alone in the CO universe. And since you can let off some steam through your blog, I don't have to worry about watching your head explode or you coming to work with a fully auto AR-15 and a heavy backpack.

  7. Hmmm.... gonna have to check out this Google blog reader thing. Hell, I don't get out much, didn't know there was such a critter.

    Donna- most of my readers stay zero minutes, too. Even some of the ones with multiple return visits! Strange.

    Kilgor- Welcome! Always glad to see somebody new. Like I said, gonna have to check google blog reader out!

    Auntie- So glad to be part of the family. Make sure they all stay "virtual" and don't start moving them in with you like we did once. Hoo boy....what a mess that was...

    Loopy- You and Auntie both are cracking me up every day! I think I can rate my foster kids as chmsesses!

    BA- The problem is mostly logistics, ya know. I don't think I could carry enough ammo to do the job, so I'll just have to find another way..... Hmmmmmm...

  8. I just checked in to do the veri-word for you and that Loopiliano chic....

    (Ouckses) (pronouced as oo-k-sees)
    The little known ancient Roman god-king who was the founder and owner of a chain of 'vomitoriums'.

  9. here here!!

    always look forward to reading although sometimes i just keep my mouth shut.

  10. g- your comments are always welcome here. You helped me make this a little more "readable". And hooked me up with Firefox!

    Auntie- Hee hee hee! Everytime I read that I get the giggles. Silly silly girl!

  11. Heck, and I forgot to mention Southbury, Conn. And Kingman, Kansas and 10 different AOL users whose isps come from Kansas as well! Didn't mean to omit you guys, my desk just got covered with notes and a few got shuffled under the detrius. You guys are awesome, too!