Monday, December 8, 2008

Odd hits

I've got this thing from Statcounter which shows me a map of how many hits and the isp's and such of each visitor I get to the blog. It's kind of cool and I go there once in awhile to look. I just noticed someone whose last visit to my blog was over twenty seven hours! I think someone pulled it up and wandered off to bed and other things and I can imagine them coming back and saying "Geez! I'm still on that thing? What was I thinking?"

A nifty addition and another fun thing to play with and it's free! Might give it a try.

Now the Rev is off to nite-nite land....


  1. OMG was probably me......LOL I get caught in being the "mom" still....and my monitor has a "energy saver feature" if left on without a changing screen it powers down. when i walk back into the room, there is no lit up monitor to remind me that i was on it......I've done it before .....sorry
    loopy oh I came here with a link to share with you

  2. That's what I always figure when I see somebody has stayed on my blog for three hours or so. Especially if it says they only looked at one page. Yeah, they probably have kids and got distracted.

  3. That, or maybe someone was trying to figure out which one you were in that clown photo you recently uploaded with that article. Hee hee.

  4. Loopy- I suspected something like that. I couldn't imagine anyone staying on my page that long for any reason. It would probably only take twenty minutes tops to read all my posts....
    Went to that article. Thanks! It's nice to know we aren't the only prison suffering from the cell phone problem. We find dozens of them every year. Wish we could come up with the funding for one of those phone sniffing dogs.

    Donna- I can't tell which page they were on, only which page they entered from. The whole twenty plus hours thing just boggled me.

    Auntie- It couldn't be that hard to figure which clown I am. I'm the one connected to the keyboard. (grin)