Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He's Just Misunderstood

Yeah, right.

Got really really pissed off today. Really mad. Managed not to break anything or anyone. Just went outside and smoked and paced and froze and paced and smoked until I was too cold to be mad anymore and went back inside.

Young knucklehead from the other day started playing his games again. The Head Pshrink came down to see him this morning and recommended that he be given a mattress so he can lay down and be more comfortable, but told him that his behavior would determine whether or not he got to keep it. So he had a suicide smock, a suicide blanket and a plain foam mattress in the cell and nothing else. But it was more than he had the night before. About an hour later we notice that his cell camera was covered with something. An officer went into the wing and came back to report he'd smeared the camera and his cell with his own brand of tempura paint. To be more precise, he used sh*t.

Sarge and I and another officer went in and he stated "If you touch me, I'll throw sh*t on you." I was ready to go in and show him that wasn't a real good idea, but cooler heads prevailed and we got him out and put on the restraint bench to get his cell cleaned. The decision was made to put him back in the cell once it was cleaned without the mattress. Well, just like the other day he refused to go back into the cell and started making demands. He wanted a shower, and a mattress and a new blanket and a cup to drink out of and something besides tap water to drink.

There's a big sign in the main control center that states "WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE IN HOSTAGE SITUATIONS". I've taken that to heart. When an inmate backs into a corner and starts making demands, I've always cut them off and said "No. You give me what I want and you won't get hurt. End of discussion." It's always worked up to this point.

So here was this little knucklehead basically taking my restraint bench hostage and making demands. Me, I was ready for almost any scenario from leaving him there til his legs froze off to picking him up and planting him firmly back in the cell. But I wasn't in charge. Another Pshrink was coming down to talk to him so they left it in his hands.

This other Pshrink finally comes wandering in and talks to the kid for half an hour or so and the upscut of it is, he's promised this punk everything he wanted! When I heard him say that I wanted to....... do something not good for my career in the department.

So they gave him a shower and his mattress back and a new blanket. The Captain called down and said "Do not give him a cup under any circumstances. If he's threatening to throw feces on staff, then he doesn't get a container to do it with." One of the very few times in my life I ever wanted to kiss a captain. The kid goes back into his cell and lays down for a nap. He got most of what he wanted, he's happy for the moment. Me, I'm not happy.

If I'm not mistaken, I hired into the Department of CORRECTIONS. Not the Department of ENABLERS. We're supposed to CORRECT their socially deviant behavior, not teach them it's OKAY to play in their feces and threaten to thrown them on people. We just gave that kid carte blanche to throw a temper tantrum so he'll get his way. I think we were slowly making him a believer before that. I think it was sinking in that he was in prison and that he could do hard time or he could just do time. There's a big difference. But that all just got blown out the f***ing window. That pshrink just created a monster and it's going to take more than an angry mob with torches and pitchforks to chase it away. Now somebody will probably get hurt before we can re-defuse that ticking time bomb. And of course, the pshrink probably won't be there when it happens and it won't be his fault in any way.

GRRRRAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Snap! I'm making myself mad all over again. Stupid. I'm going to go play some video games and eat some dinner. I'm off for two days. To heck with that place.


  1. Ahhhhh, you can't reason with someone who's unreasonable. I have a premonition this young man will be getting a good old-fashioned attitude adjustment, wink, wink nudge, nudge.

  2. Oh yes. Let him see the light. Or the dark. Whichever comes first.

  3. his time will come.

    be patient my young jedi.

  4. You know that turd could take a tip from Ol' domestic Auntie...Auntie could show him the joys of the other kind of tatt. Wearing her crinoline pinafore and all that crap.

    (martilib) - a bad joke that a guy named Martin might make on a whim.

  5. some day some where this stoopid will get his comeuppance, might be in, might be out, but some day he will learn that he is NOT the center of the universe.

  6. Hmmm, your christmas present just got more appropriate for you. To bad you won't be able to take it to work. You'll just have to fantasize at home.

  7. Dang... now you got me all aquiver with aniticipation! Are you sure I can't take it to work? (grin)

  8. I am a Pshrink in another facility in another state. I HATE it when the Chief Pshrink gives a guy in observation everything and starts cutting deal. I try to ask the officers "any opposition to giving him a [fill in the blank]." not that I always do what the COs ask but I try to take it into consideration. I held ground with a guy many times with the You-No-Smear-Poo-24 hour-I-Think-About-Givin-You-A-Book only to have my supervisor wander in when I am not looking and authorize a book, mattress, pillow, clothing, and a BLANKET! The majority of suicides are committed in Adseg and the majority of them are committed by hanging. So lets give the obs guy a blanket shall we? Prisons seems to be all alike.
    P.S. Love the blog!

  9. Anonymous- would you please come to work here? Please please please???