Thursday, December 11, 2008

Training Day #4 Less Pain

Sorry about yesterday. My bones were making those little crunchy noises every time I moved. I could neither walk nor type well. My right hand hardly worked at all, so I was typing with my left. Luckily, my DT partner was pretty proficient in most of the moves and he helped me walk through the steps. Unluckily, my DT partner was only unsure on the one maneuver that was most likely to break an arm in training. T'was a near thing. You forget sometimes in the heat of the moment which way certain joints will bend. Suddenly I felt the bones in my forearm grating together and knew that wasn't supposed to happen. I managed a gasping squeak and it took him a second to notice I wasn't breathing correctly anymore. Luckily (again) no CPR was necessary.

A few minutes before that we were practicing escape from the full nelson, which requires you to basically fall backwards on your attacker. I went backwards, as the attacker, and went down and as he went down, he turned a hip and managed to plant the corner of said hip right atop Mr. Happy and the twins. All I'm going to say is purple is not a good color for me. Not around the face, anyway. Wow.

So, I came home, took a hot shower, painted myself with Ben Gay, took some drugs and went to bed. As Loopy said, I should have taken a hot bath instead but apparently our bathtubs were installed when human beings were much shorter than they are now. Only people under five feet tall can take a bath in my house. What I need is one of those huge japanese tubs you can get in up to your chin.

So today we covered Glock basics. And it didn't piss me off anywhere near as bad as it did last year. Holding out hope for going out to the range tomorrow.


  1. One more day to go and then you can have a whole year to rest up....

  2. at least no one got shot.

    say hi to Ben for me.

  3. yep I'm of the firm belief that anyone over 50 who works physical jobs needs a big tub or have one installed....I'm not an overly religious person, but I have to admit there have been many many times I have been ever so thankfull for a big tub of hot water!!!
    glad yer glock day wasn't so pissy

  4. Well, I took Loopys advice and folded myself into the bathtub and alternately soaked my top half and then my lower half. Then re-slathered on the Ben Gay and took more tylenol. Feeling a bit better this morning. Now I just have to find the right clothes layering system so I can stay warm out on the firing range yet still be able to reach my weapon.