Friday, December 12, 2008

Training Day #5 I Passed! Yay!!!

Range day. I did good. I didn't shoot anybody and nobody shot me. That's about as good as it gets. I know I'm no Annie Oakley. Never have been a good shot. I like to shoot, but I suck at it. Even when I've had the opportunity to shoot alot, I never get very good at it.

I can live with that.

Luckily, I had an excellent coach. We pair up on the range. Shooters and coaches. The people who suck and might have to reshoot (like me) shoot first with the coaches advising and keeping them focused and on track. My coach kept me from making some small errors and even helped with my shooting. Gave me some good tips and kept my magazines loaded and ready. I shot good enough to pass and a little extra and that's good enough for me. When it was his turn, all I had to do was keep his mags loaded and hand them to him at the right time. When it was all said and done, he turned to me and said "You were an excellent coach." I just shook my head. It was like helping my wife in the kitchen. I help best by keeping my mouth shut and staying mostly out of the way.

It's like that.

One day off then it's back to the old grind. Hopefully there will be a spot open on evenings soon. But at least for this year I was on days for training and didn't have to change my schedule all up to get up in the mornings. Next year will be different.

NOTE: They are saying we might get a significant ice storm starting sunday night and on into the week. If y'all don't hear from me, that's what's going on. Stay safe and warm out there!


  1. it's always best when no one loses an eye.



    what kind of gun didjya get to shoot?

  2. They always say it's all in fun til someone loses an eye. Then it's freakin hilarious! Must be a guy thing.

    We shot about seventy five rounds through the 9mm Glock (which I dislike) and ten rounds with a 12ga. shotgun. The cops all got the glocks then discovered that the 9mm doesn't have as much "stopping power" as they liked so they went to a bigger caliber. So we got the guns cheap because the cops didn't want them.

    Do you see a logical lapse of reasoning here?

    Just gimme the dang shotgun. I can knock some things down with that.

  3. Rev, congrats for a job well done this week. Now party like it's 1999 all day tomorrow and back to work, you slacker.

    love ya!

  4. Party heck. I'm gonna live dangerously and sleep in. Like til seven in the morning or some such craziness. I'll probably get dragged along to get groceries, then it'll be a few "honey-do's" around the place. Then it'll be time for bed again and up in the morning. Are you sure I'm not old enough to retire yet?

  5. I'd like to pick you for my eventual firing squad.

  6. Guy, unless you run off to mexico and try to start a revolution like Ambrose Bierce, I can't see you going in front of a firing squad. More than likely you'll uncover one of those "unknowable truths" and the men in black will just make you disappear.
    Hmmmmmm... I made a comparison to you the other day. Was there by chance a comet in the sky on the day you were born?

  7. i can see guy headed to mexico to stop el-guapo.

    i always preferred the 12 gauge myself.

    or a 50 caliber.