Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vaguely Helpful

That's what I get for coming in early and being visible. Somebody called out at the last minute from the sex offender treatment house and so I got sent over there.

Not my favorite bunch of inmates or my favorite place to work.

Since our camp has the biggest sex offender treatment center in the state, almost all of them come through at least once during their incarceration. And working in that house just kind of rubs your nose in it a little. I have to try hard to keep the curl out of my lip when I go there, which thankfully, isn't too often.

I have issues.

Mostly I stayed down by the bubble and kept Big Mac entertained. He's a good guy and has been around since the early 90's and knew my wife when they were both just kids so he's kind of like hanging out with family. Well, the nicer part of the family, anyway.

Miz H and Miz S had an OJT to tend to so they let him do a majority of the running around, which was nice. Every time I volunteered to do anything they already had him taking care of it.

Then new people got to be good for something!

I helped Big Mac design some forms on the computer and set him up a file to save them in just in case he needed them again. The man could kill a flea with a crossbow at nine million yards but didn't have a clue that "Undo" is much better than deleting everything and starting over again.

To thank me for my help he tried to sell me a crossbow and a couple of extra shotguns he had laying around the house unused.

I think I may be the only person on this camp who doesn't own a different firearm for every day of the week. Sometimes I'm surprised the streets outside don't look like a rerun of "Mad Max".

This would be a very bad area to be a zombie in.

I'm just saying....

So Wednesday is going to be Mule Day, Diwali and the Perigean Spring Tides Day.

Just a great day for odd holidays, it seems.


  1. Your darned tootin' this is a bad area for a zombie outbreak!! Us good ol' boys don't take kindly to their kind around here!

  2. FlyinMonkey- And we have experts like you to show us how it's done! Them zombies don't stand a chance!