Friday, October 14, 2011

Static On The Line

Some phone company guys have been at the prison installing a new system for the inmate phones the last couple of days.

And boy, those guys have been whining like crazy because their phones aren't working correctly. I got several calls tonight about them. "Yes, the guys are working on the phones. They'll be back up soon." And we even got a few calls from outside from family members.

"My son hasn't called me in a couple of days. Can you check and see if he's all right and give him a message from me?"

"No Ma'am, we can't do that. They are working on the phones. They should be back up soon."

"Can't you go check on him? I can wait."

"No Ma'am, I can't do that. You can call between 8am and 3pm and talk to his caseworker if you like."

"Why can't you just go check on him? You're very rude, young man. Maybe I should talk to your supervisor!"

"Fine. My supervisor is here between 8am and 3pm. Call and talk to him then. Good bye."


The new phone company left a bunch of flyers to hand out to the family members when they come for visits. Very colorful brochures with happy smiling people talking on the phone.

I've heard alot of these knuckleheads and how they talk on the phone, whining for money and complaining because they don't get enough letters. I doubt the people back home are really smiling so much.

The best bit of news came when the phone guys were leaving for the night. He told me the new system limits them to fifteen minutes per call. It cuts them off automatically.

They are going to be pissed. I've seen them spend an hour or more glued to the phone at one time. Now each time they reconnect it will cost more money. Someone else's money, of course.

Ah, well.

Hee hee hee!

So here's the weekend lineup:
Saturday- White Cane Safety Day, National Grouch Day, Bridge Day and Sweetest Day.
Sunday- Dictionary Day, Feral Cat Day, National Toy Camera Day and World Food Day.
Monday- Gaudy Day, Bosses Day, Mulligan Day and International Day of Rev Appreciation.

Roll out the banners!


  1. Whatsa matter? Don't you want to play secretary to a bunch of inmates and their peeps? So rude!

  2. I love it when you're the rude one because you don't give someone the answer they wanted. Awesome.

  3. Lolamouse- They are lucky I let them have my air, most days. Not gonna be a secretary.

    Brent- I love it when I can be rude and not get into trouble for it. I might anyway. Ah, well...