Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Is How It Starts....

Okay, I'm going to slip back into my old Resident Evil theme here for at least one post.

If you haven't seen any of the movies, then you might not get it.

I'm just saying....

So the Watcher came up to the Comm Room and said he needed the keys for the Employee Health Nurses office. Transportation had brought in a box of flu shots for our nurse and they needed to be refrigerated so they needed the keys.

My first thought was "I don't have those keys up here."

Turns out I was right. But we spent a good hour digging through the key rings and the books and lists of the key rings and trying this and that and getting pretty pissed off. After digging through all the key rings I said "This key is one of those hidden secrets, passed down father to son. You have to be initiated into the Lodge before you can know which keys you need."

I was kind of right about that, too.

After a fruitless search I had an idea. There's a fridge with a lock on it down the hall. They use it for samples that need to be stored. If they take blood or urine for testing and can't send it out right away, they lock it in that fridge. Why not put it there?

I thought it was a grand idea. So we did it. Then later someone didn't like the idea anymore so they put it in the fridge in the comm room.

I just thought "Oh what the snap."

Then a little while later it hit me.

A box of live flu virus vaccine.

It was in the fridge where we store blood and urine samples.

Now it's in the fridge where we put our food.

Oh snap.

This is how it starts..... This is how it always starts....

We are going to be hip deep in zombies inside of a week. All because of some Secret Squirrel bullsnap with the keys.

I am never putting my food in there again.

Thursday is going to be cold and bliskery and I'll be out on the yard, of course. I'll have to bring lots of coffee and hot cocoa.

It's also going to be Sylvia Plath Day, Cranky Co-Workers Day (because they got turned into zombies, duh!) and Navy Day.



  1. And just think, we do not have an emergency plan in place when it happens. I should have went ahead and wrote that part in the emergency log! Dang it!
    Veri word: ballista. The sweetest weapon ever conceived!

  2. "dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceptionally well. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call.” Sylvia Plath
    Happy??? Sylvia Plath Day.

  3. Is this the "frige" under the Air System? Think Kansas City..

  4. FlyinMonkey- I'll bet I'll be saying the same thing when the aliens invade, too.

    Lolamouse- There just want much happy about her, was there?

    Boris- D'oh! I forgot about the ventilation system! The key element in any good zombie virus dispersal system. It's a good thing you're here..