Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Forgot What I Was Going To Name This Post

Even though I am glad I am not down in the Hive anymore, I still miss the simplicity of being there every day. I knew when I had to come in and I had a reasonable idea of what I was going to do and when I would leave.

Of course I never went in thinking "Okay, I'm going to find some idiot and spray him and slam him and be here until 2:00 am doing paperwork."

Sometimes it happened that way, but I never planned for it. Hey, it's prison. Snit happens.

But now that I'm somewhat of a free agent there's people asking me to come work with them all the time. And I know that soon I am going to need to find a place to settle down in so I can get myself back in a routine. I really like knowing where I am going to be and what I am going to do every day.

It's kind of boring but it's comfortable. And I am all about personal comfort.

Heck, even when the Hive was at it's worst and craziest I was comfortable down there. It was my house and I knew what to do and when to do it and how to get it done.

I don't like change, so much. Even though things are changing constantly here I find my own personal comfort in my routines, even if they are small ones like when to show up and where to go. I could get comfortable in places I really don't like to work that much, like the regular housing units or the comm room or dining. They are not my favorite places to work but I could get comfortable there if I had to.

I'm trying not to rush into anything without thinking long and hard about it first. But I do need to find me a new home soon and quit all this wandering about.

Guess I'll just keep my eyes and my mind and my options open for the time being and see what happens.

Wednesday (my day in the hopefully calm Comm room) is going to be the National Storytelling Festival, World Teachers Day and Balloons Around The World Day.

It all sounds like alot of hot air to me!


  1. Maybe they will put us in white shirts and cowboy hats and then just tell us where to go!

  2. Hot Air?...Balloons?...Get it!?? Hardee har har.

    My captcha word is "boril" which is a tiny slug with sharp pinchers that you put on your face to eat pimples. I think I saw it one night on an infomercial, the smiling faces trying to hide the excruciating pain. Hmm, maybe that was another dream.

  3. Drew- You first. I'll take the next one, okay?

    Bryan- It was all I had. I can't wait to read the post on that dream! (grin)