Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making Cutbacks

Due to the economic downturn we are regrettably going to be laying off a significant portion of the staff here at Attitude and Pepper Spray and making some hopefully temporary cutbacks in the postings.

Actually my life has gotten kind of boring and very little is happening. And I am tired of trying to do the Seinfeld "It's a blog about nothing!" deal. It's getting to be a chore.

So instead of posting every day and saying that nothing happened, I think I will just wait until something significant does happen or I get a good idea for something to write about, then write about it. I need to go back to taking notes again.

For those of you who were showing up every day, thank you. And don't worry. I'll be around.

If nothing more than to post the next days calendar.

Thursday (bacon and egg salad on the yard day!) is going to be German-American Day and Come and Take It Day and Mat Hatter Day.

More tea, anyone?


  1. I'll still be checking. Besides, as soon as you think all is quiet, snit will happen at Raccoon City and you'll have plenty to tell us.

  2. I'll be checking in too...just like Joe there.

    I've been very bad about commenting - sorry - but I thought I better weigh in now and tell you how interesting I find your work world, just know that, okay.

    Laying off staff is understandable...I've had to do it myself (got rid of me and I) - now I'm just down to a skeleton crew, that would be myself, from the me, myself and I gang!

    Anyway...don't disappear'll force me to become a stalker and could get ugly and, I'll be okay with every couple of days.

    Right...said what I came to say...(tough love, you know)

    Seriously though, breathers are good, as you can see from my blog - I'm on an extended vacation! (no day passes in the psych ward)

    Cheers, Jenny

  3. Why is a raven like a writing desk ? :(


  4. Every time I do an entry like this, I suddenly become inspired and do three or four posts a day for a week. I have you on Google reader and your new posts show up on my blog, so I'll know when you post.

  5. I check every day to see what you have on there and wonder what antics has the staff done to grace your pages. I respect your decision and still love you. Haha. I received an email today from Stan Swanson from Dark Moon Publishing. They want to use my story They Won't Get Us for a book they are doing called Frightmares! If it wasn't for you pushing me to post my stuff for others to read I wouldn't know that someone actually would read it. Thank You Rev.

  6. Sounds like you've hit a blogging slump. I get that from time to time. Sometimes it passes. Sometimes you need a complete overhaul like I did with my Sheep Blog. Cutting back on your posting might be a good idea, not because we don't like hearing from you day to day, but because it might give you a broader perspective on the material.

  7. I'll be here for the tea and sympathy!

  8. Joe- That would be just my luck, wouldn't it?

    Jenny- I'll be around. Kind of addicted to the blog thing even though it's giving me crickets in my brain right now.

    Ghost- O' Framjous day!

    Donna- If it gives me inspiration, I'll take it.

    FlyinMonkey- Congrats! I knew someone with sense would pick you up. You're too good to let go to waste.

    Bryan- I am definitely slumping. I gots a lot of non-bloggable things going on in my head right now. But I'll be back.

    Lolamouse- One lump or two? (grin)