Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Different Perspective

They had me down in Sallyport 3 tonight. You couldn't give me that job with twice the pension and a gold watch.


I spent four hours driving around in circles in the P-car and four hours alternately sitting in that smelly shack reading a book and walking around and around and around and around the sallyport.

The only difference with doing that half of the P-car circuit is there are more critters down at that end. I counted fifteen deer (mostly does, one or two young bucks) out in the field and some even up by the road.

There was one fat something eating acorns off the road for awhile. A woodchuck or a groundhog or a marmot or an ibex or something. Whatever it was it was fuzzy and rotund and if it had come inside the fence somebody probably would have promoted it.

At one point I stopped and checked out four or five deer up under the trees eating. I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye and saw, not ten feet away behind a tree, this small black cat watching the deer.

It was all crouched down behind the tree roots and had that tail just twitching back and forth like it was trying to figure out which one of those deer it was going to eat. I just had to laugh.

When I came back around again the cat was across the road behind the fence and still watching the deer but from a much safer distance. It had this look in it's eyes like "Man! Those things are bigger than I thought! Maybe I'll wait here for a smaller one to come by."

Sitting in the car with my duty belt on has got my back hurting. Took my pain and sleepytime drugs.

Here's the weekend lineup before my brains turn to moosh.

Saturday:National Nut Day, International Stuttering Awareness Day (leave it alone!), CAPS LOCK DAY and Make A Difference Day.

Sunday: National Mole Day, Ipod Day and Mother In Law Day.

Monday: National Bologna Day, United Nations Day and National Mole Day.

Quote of the week:
"They say I'm worth 3.4 million dollars. If I really had all that money
I wouldn't have visited Vietnam. I'd have sent for it."
-Bob Hope


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  2. Hi Rev,

    You may not see it this way, because you are a little to close to the snap, but it reads like you had yourself a nice little adventure.

    Even though you found it boring I enjoyed reading about your P-car adventure, particularly the cat...

    I laughed over that cat bit because it reminded me of something similar that happened back in June to my little dog.
    While up in the Cariboo we came upon a deer only a couple of feet away - I panicked because I thought Lucky (a Jack Russell mix) would dart at it - but she froze...too scared to move; thank goodness the deer headed off in the opposite direction - only then could I truly see the humour in it.

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend...Sunday sounds interesting what with National Mole Day and all - have fun!

    Cheers, Jenny

    PS - I was the one that deleted the earlier comment due to some annoying typos...which I probably didn't catch again!

  3. Every time I hear you use the term "Sallyport" I picture someone stumbling around drunkenly with a sloshing bottle, listing strongly to one side. I'm not sure why.

    The captcha word is "mertle", which is NOT the name you want to hear when being hooked up on a blind date. (My apology to any Mertles out there.)

  4. Every once in a while sitting in a car for hours at a time and getting paid seems like a nice break from the chaos of a regular day at work.

  5. I feel like that black cat sometimes. "On second thought, I'm just going to sit back here for awhile."

  6. I'd much rather watch wildlife like deer and groundhogs than the wildlife you typically have to deal with! Aw shucks, I totally missed Mother In Law Day! Maybe next year...

  7. Jenny- Your story reminded me of when we were in Alaska and my dog met her first moose. She was big and brave until I opened the door... Then she realized she had pressing business elsewhere. (grin)

    Bryan- Sallyport is such an odd word anyway. But I guess they had to name it something, right?

    Brent- It's not too bad for a change of pace. Not something I would want to do every single day, though. The cheese would slip off me cracker, it would!

    Doug- Me too. Let's keep that our little secret, okay?

    Lolamouse- They were pretty critters, as opposed to the homely ones I usually deal with.