Tuesday, October 18, 2011

N Is For Nothing

N is for nothing, which is what I got.

Just me and Sgt Puddle and Vinnie The Bagman (his new mafia name) eating pizza and telling bad jokes and acting the fool which is pretty much normal for us.

About the only thing out of the ordinary was one odd phone call:

"Raccoon City Correctional Center!"

"Yeah. Do you have a car for sale?"

"No Ma'am. This is a prison."

"It is?"

"Yes, Ma'am. Raccoon City Correctional Center."

"Oh! I'm sorry. Umm... Do you have a car for sale?"

"No, Ma'am, I don't."

"Okay, bye!"

And we wonder why the prison population keeps increasing.

Wednesday is going to be Evaluate Your Life Day. Hmmm... Maybe I shouldn't. It's also going to be Hagfish Day (really?) and Medical Assistants Recognition Day.

Break out the decorations!


  1. Sometimes I wonder why they even bother putting earpieces on phones. People don't listen to anything that comes through them.

  2. If I don't get the answer I expected, I keep asking the same question anyway. I might get a different answer, right? (My students do this all the time.)

  3. Bryan- You are so right. I just want a button to shock the snap out of whoever has the audacity to call me.

    Brent- You might want to let your students know that the inmates do the very same thing.