Monday, October 24, 2011

Something Different

I thought I'd post something different today. I found this site a few weeks ago and I know several people who might be keenly interested.

Like the logo says, it's called Holy Smoke. It's a service that was thought up by a couple of game wardens in Alabama. A couple of hard core outdoorsmen with an ironic twist to their sense of humor.

It seems for starting around $800.00, they will load cremated ashes of you or your loved one into rifle or shotgun shells (I'm assuming mixed in with the shot and the powder) so you can go to your final sendoff with a real bang.

Okay, that was bad, I know. But it was there. I had to use it.

I can think of several people right offhand who would love to have this as their last hurrah. As a matter of fact, I can think of maybe a dozen people who, after reading this will saying "Babe! I'm changing my will!"

Heck, if they could think of a way to make cremains into arrow shafts I think they could get almost the entire place to sign up. I'll have to suggest that...

But as far as my night on the front desk went, I got nothing. I mean, I spent most of the night as an extra in the control center with Vinnie and Miz Twang and Sgt Loompa. Didn't really do much. I actually volunteered to do things just so I would have something to do.

Aside from almost choking to death while eating a pear (that's pear, not pair) once or twice.... I got nothing.

Tuesday (on the bench, could be anywhere) is going to be Punk For A Day Day. Oh, that is so not cool. Not in orison, anyway. It's also going to be Sourest Day (as opposed to Sweetest Day, I assume?) and the XTERRA World Championships.

Don't forget to clean your muzzle afterwards!


  1. Nice post man! Keep it up!

  2. I went to visit the Holy Smoke website - I just couldn’t resist.’s my take...which is totally bad, but hey I did mention Satan has a sister, right?

    Okay...I would so have this done...and then pre-hire a hit man to take a box of cartridges, with bits of me in there, and blast the snot out of all the folks that ticked me off while I was alive.

    Yup, it was one of those days! And this was just the fantasy to alleviate the stress I’m feeling about “loving” my fellow human!

    Great post!

    Cheers, Jenny


  3. OH MY GOD! That is the greatest idea I have ever heard! But my way of going is to be cremated then placed into the bare crack of a stripper and farted out.....don't tell my wife I said that. We are supposed to be buried next to each other. Just don't tell her I ain't in the box! Haha
    Veri word is thypen.
    "Reginald! Grab thy pen and defend youself sir!"

  4. I've always thought it would be cool to have your ashes scattered in space. Become part of the stardust that creates the universe, you know? I don't think a shotgun shell would be the same.

  5. I could have sworn Hunter S. Thompson wanted to do this long before the site thought of it...or was it Johnny Depp? Anyway, go see "The Rum Diaries" Bye now.

    safeword: tryake

    A new EXTREME sushi roll.

  6. I thought Hunter Thompson wanted his cremains in fireworks. Whatever. A friend of mine wants his ashes spread on the icy driveway when it snows.

  7. I've seen milk out the nose, I've seen soda, but last night I saw pear.
    I couldn't be happier if two baby seals walked into a club.

    Veri word warbu: The aggressive second cousin of the caribou.

  8. Brian T- Thanks. You too.

    Jenny- Oh now I am so tempted to compile a list... And I'm pretty sure I married his sister. Unless there are more... uh-oh...

    FlyinMonkey- **snort!** You dork! Your Mom is so going to frown at you!

    Brent- That's a good idea, too. I want to have mine mulched.

    Scott- Hunter probably wanted his mixed with some sort of explosives. He was fond of them. And I can't wait for "Rum Diaries" to come out. It was a great book.

    Miz Twang- And what a delightful pear it was.... (grin)

    Lolamouse- I haven't ever been that useful alive, I don't see any reason to start after I'm dead.

    Vinnie- One of these days you are going to make me choke to death. Then I'll haunt you.

  9. I saw something once where they would crush your remains into a diamond. That sounded kind of appealing.

  10. Bryan- And would they then put the diamonds in a shotgun shell?