Friday, October 28, 2011


I've never really been all that much of a sports fan. It just never grabbed me like it does some people.

Oh sure, I watch a little football now and then. I love it when they play outdoors in bad weather especially. When you hit a guy and he goes "splat!" and slides twenty feet through the mud before he stops and everybody is tackling their team mates because they are so muddy you can't tell one from another. To me, that's football.

But I can't tell you who played for what team in 1909 and what his stats were and all of that nonsense. Or who won the World Series in 1893 when Portugal played against Athens.

Or was it 1894? I forget.

At any rate, I like to watch a good game now and then when I can get away with it. But once it's over, I delete it from my memory and get on with my life. I don't let it be the lynch pin around which everything else rotates.

I remember my grandparents had a long running argument about a boxing match that went on for years. I can't remember if it was Max Schmeling or Jersey Joe Walcott that would get them going. But if I was ever in trouble all I had to do was mention one of those names and they would start screaming at each other for hours and I had a chance to slip away.

Right now everybody is wrapped up in the World Series. And of course now that it's gone to game seven we will have to put up with one more night of this craziness.

We should just shut the place down from 7:05pm central time, because nobody is doing anything until the dang game is over.

Several times during the evening I was startled by screams of rage or shouts of joy coming from the housing units. I hadn't even been aware the game was on until I was part way around the perimeter doing my Del Norte walk. Suddenly I heard these whoops and cheers coming from 1 and 2 house. I had no idea what was going on. Then the guy at rec got on his PA system and said "Cards lead one to nothing."

Of course we no longer have a radio out in the shack so everybody (everybody but me) kept finding excuses to run here and there to check the score.

Sgt Uncle T kept messing with peoples heads. He'd walk into Central and say "The Rangers won it! 10-6!" And they would all jump up and say "NO! No way! Where did you hear that?" He'd just walk away laughing.

It was still going on as we were leaving work. We looked over and Miz T was parked there waiting and there was some guy standing at her window. I said "Hey! Some dude is over there flirting with your wife!"

Turns out she had the game on and he stopped on his way in to check the score. I can't remember who it was. Some guy on midnights who looks like a retired porn star. She claimed he was just listening to the score. But I don't know..... (grin)

A few minutes later there were five or six of us gathered around the open doors listening to the game. If it had gone on much longer I'm sure a spontaneous tail gate party would have erupted.

And on the way home I did something I have never done before. I turned on the radio and listened to the end of the game. It ended just as I pulled into my driveway.

So we get to do it all again tomorrow. **sigh** It will be difficult if not impossible to get anybody to do anything except on commercial breaks. And I am sure all of the housing unit officers will be doing extended "cell searches" during the game.

Then it will be all over until the football playoff games start up again.

Then hockey.

Then basketball.

The it will be baseball season again!

Yay! **sigh**

Thursday is going to be Plush Animal Lover's Day and National Chocolate Day. Hmm... sounds like a sticky combination. It will also be St Jude's Day, Frankenstein Friday (?), International Bandanna Day and National Bread Sticks Day.

Really. Bread Sticks?


  1. Ya! Frankenstein day! He also loved breadsticks.
    Veri word is tatio- French for hippo knees

  2. I don't give a rat's ass about sports. Never did. Never will. Chocolate, however, I will always pay attention to!

  3. FlyinMonkey- Dude, you kill me. Silly rabbit.

    Lolamouse- What if they were carrying a huge Cadbury Egg rather than a football?