Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well, I Did It.....

I went ahead and put my name on the Sergeants register. I got an 86, which is a good enough score to get an interview, hopefully.

Now I have to get my stuff together and study up in case I get called for an interview board. I'll probably be so nervous I'll muff it. But if nothing else, it will be good practice.

Ran into the old Boss today. Not Peggy Sue, but the one after her. Told him I put myself on the register and he stopped and looked at me and said "Why the heck did you do that?" The only answer I could think of right off the bat was "I've seen some of the people who are talking about promoting. And I asked myself 'Do I want to work for that knucklehead?' And that's why I did it." He nodded and said "That's about the best answer I've ever heard! Good luck!"

So I need to get my uniforms up to date. Get my service stars sewn on. Find a tie. Or go buy a new one. Haven't worn my dang tie since the Academy and have no idea where it went. Didn't really care until today. Hate ties. Useless things. Pfui.

Fiddled around with that application, changing this and that. Almost got my dates messed up. Luckily I looked. Had an overlap of a month between two jobs and a gap between two others, like I had slipped off into limbo for a month. That would never have done. Couldn't remember the name of the Sergeant that was my supervisor at the other prison. I think I got it correct, but I had to guess. Only saw her one time in eight months there. She showed up after I had been there for six months and said "I'm your supervisor. I'm here to give you your six months rating. I haven't heard any complaints, so you get a 'Successful' rating." Then I never saw her again. Took me probably twenty minutes to remember her name. Sheesh.

Finally I got tired of dicking with it and went on and finished the thing. Sat there with my finger poised over the "Submit" button forever. Finally I called myself an idiot and sent the darn thing.

So that part's over with. I made the jump.

Now I just hope I can find the handle of the ripcord......

Tomorrow being Thursday, it's going to be Kiss-And-Make-Up Day and National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day. That should have been right after Thriftshop Day, don't you think?


  1. I'm addicted to this saga here at A & PS - dangit, when will you know if you get the job.

    I don't think I can hold on - the suspense is already playing havoc with my concentration - I've had to retype this sentence about, well, just once, but you get concentration is key to my survival and now it hangs in the balance while you are busy debating with yourself about pressing the "Submit" button.

    Submit, man, submit...what's the hold up...tzuck, tzuck, tzuck. (See if you had an ounce of German in you you'd know what tzuck sounds like and means.)

    Cheers, Jenny

  2. I think your answer to the old boss sums up your position quite well.

  3. Good Luck sir!

    safeword: mistruff

    The stuff in-between mist and fog. Can you see anything Joe? Barely. Must be all of the mistruff.

  4. With great power comes great respons...wait, no...with great responsibility comes great headaches. That's it. I like your reason you gave for applying, though. Good luck!

    My word is "inglogic" with is logic involving present tense verbs. Or maybe it's that listless, dirty feel I get after eating too much fast food, "Ugggh, I'm feeling a little in-glogic."

  5. What does that mean for you if you make Sergeant? I'm pretty ignernt when it comes to rank.

  6. Jenny- I hate to break it to you, but I might not know anything until October. Whenever they open up the register and decide to promote some Sergeants again. Now I just have to study up and worry. And I don't have a clue what tzuck means. I hope it's good but it doesn't sound like it is.

    Joe- It was the only answer that came to mind at the time.

    Scott- Thank you. I'll need it. Mistruff sounds like some kids stuffed dog.

    Bryan- Headaches, yes. I have no doubt about it. Right now if I tell somebody to do something and it's wrong they say "Why did you listen to him?" If I get promote then it's my dinky in the wringer!

    Brent- I get a different colored shirt and a doofy hat. And I can tell other people to do things and they are supposed to do them. And I'll bring home a whopping $37.50 extra a month! But it will keep some of these other idiots from being my supervisor somewhere down the road.

  7. I'm laughing...but here is the low down on "tzuck"...

    It was (and still is) something my mother (an Austrian with a heavy accent) says when she's annoyed that I'm taking too long.

    She looks at me and says, tzuck, tzuck, tzuck - and nothing else. I know then that she's basically saying, "hurry up, get going" only I know if she could she'd add a little cuff at the back of my head just to show me who's boss!

    So there you have it!

    I can hold on until October...since it's out of your hands I'll reserve my tzuck's for a later date!

    Cheers, Jenny

  8. Jenny- Thanks for the info. I was fairly sure, just from the sound of it but it's good to know for sure. i think most of my ancestry is Welsh and I don't know what they would say in such a situation but I'm sure it would use w's as vowels or something incomprehensible like that.