Friday, August 12, 2011

The Final Days

Friday night. The last official day of my vacation.

It seems like it has lasted forever and been gone in an instant.

I'm sure the wife will be glad to have me out of the house again. I was upsetting her routines. Plus I was getting bored and eating more. Monday I can go back to just eating once a day and save us money on groceries.

Have I accomplished anything? No, not so much. Finally got my office back together. Got the floor in and most of my stuff back where I can find it. Still a few things I can't find here and there. And some wall space that needs filling, but I'm getting there.

Finished two books and started three more.

Brain Droppings by George Carlin
Cruel Zinc Melodies by Glen Cook

The Devils Guide To Hollywood by Joe Ezterhas
The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
The Mammoth Book of Humor by Geoff Tibballs

I always have multiple books going so I can have something to read depending on my mood at the moment.

I guess I could have planned this vacation a little better. I didn't have any money to spend and I'm out of useable wood down in the shop. I had a couple of projects that I really needed to get done and a couple I wanted to start on but, once again, no money and no wood.

For the most part of the time it was too dang hot to go outside and do anything anyway. The few times I went down to the shop I was covered in sweat within minutes. Even if I went down early of a morning or after the sun went down.

But I did catch up on watching "Bones" finally. I got interested late and kept asking my wife questions about what was happening so she told me to watch them all in order. Since I had time, I figured "Why not?" So, every night after dinner we sit down and watch a few episodes. I am now about midway through Season Four and about caught up.

Holy snap. What an exciting life I lead. It's okay... Don't be frightened. I'll slow down some and not scare you like that anymore. I promise. (rolls his eyes)

I really need to go back to work. Two more days. Phew!

Here's the lineup for the weekend: Saturday is going to be Blame Someone Else Day, International Left Hander's day and Garage Sale Day.

Sunday will be National Creamsicle Day, National Navajo Code Talkers Day and V-J Day.

Monday will be National Relaxation Day and National Failures Day as well as Best Friends Day.


  1. I guess I really do have the maturity of a 12 year old boy because "no money, no wood" and national V-J day are giving me a case of the giggles. Or maybe I just need a vacation!

    (My capcha word to leave a comment was "alsoles" ...giggling about that too.)

  2. One question I was asked at the reunion last week was, "What are you doing with yourself (in retirement) to keep busy?"
    Geesh, keeping busy was never a goal of mine, even when I WAS keeping busy. It sure as heck isn't a goal now. As the old song says,
    "I'm free as a breeze and I do as I please, just bummin' around."

  3. *sigh* Like Sunday, I was also tempted to make a crack about "being out of usable wood"

    I had one of those sit-around-the-house vacations last summer. I didn't get any of the things accomplished that I wanted to. I mostly screwed around on the internet and chased a fly around my basement.

    I think next time I'll either go in with no expectation whatsoever, or I'll make the effort to get the chores that "I'll finally have time to do" done in the weeks leading up to the vacation. The thought of needing to do that stuff was draining away all my motivation to even enjoy myself.

  4. Okay, I've been mostly ignoring the capcha game you guys are playing, but this time mine answers a question about the post.

    "What is DaRev lacking during his vacation, and as a result is ready to go back to work?"


  5. Sounds like a perfectly good vacation to me! I love George Carlin. Can't believe I missed Left Handers Day! Now I'll have to go unappreciated for another whole year!

  6. Sunday- Now that you mention it, I'm getting the giggles from that too! I'm just the old married guy. No money and no wood!

    Donna- It was nice to do whatever I wanted to. I should have just planned it better when it wasn't so hot and I wasn't so broke!

    Bryan- I'm both pleased and surprised you behaved yourself. I had things I should have done but put most of them off for different reasons. Maybe next year I'll adopt your plan.

    Doug- I guess my wood is just on everybody's mind, eh? I should post a few pics of my wood next time!

    Lolamouse- I appreciate you every day, dear. And that's not even a "left handed" compliment! (grin)