Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dang Gremlins......

I swear, them little sunzabeeotches were watching me. And they made something happen every time I wanted to sit down or started to get comfortable somewhere.

Pretty happy I didn't go to Control Center tonight. Stubby bid back up there in Miz Odds spot and tonight was his first night back up there in a few years. So he was probably a little rusty. And it was transfer day. Looked like maybe 15 or 20 of them rolled in on the bus right about 3:15 or so.

At least they got here early. What really screws us up is when they come rolling in at 4:00 or even 4:15, right before count time. That's when all the handles of hell snap off and count gets screwed up forever.

Or seemingly, anyway. I haven't been up there for it, so I don't know for sure. But it sounds painful.

Anyway, after the mail run, I went on out to the yard right before it closed then on down to the chow hall for count. It cleared pretty quick and things were going okay and we were shipping them in and out for chow.

Then I heard one of those "ASAP" calls that I always hate to hear. You never know for sure what is going on, if it will turn into something ugly or some kind of personal emergency or what. This one came form the new 30 house Sergeant, and he's a pretty level headed guy. He wanted the Lieutenant to call him ASAP. I moved away from the chow hall door and cleared away from anyone else in case I needed to run somewhere.'

And I was really hoping I didn't need to run anywhere.

Captain Skoal came out and grabbed me and told me to replace St Francis up on the hill watching the movements. he took St Francis on the cart and took off towards 30 house. A few minutes later I heard the call. "Code 70, 30 house!" Dang. Another one. Called Sgt Uncle T on the radio and told him I was going and headed off.

A Code 70 is a fire alarm, by the way. And since I'm on the fire brigade I had to go.

What it turned out to be was a broken sprinkler pipe. That set off the flow alarm and then the fire alarm. From the looks of it, some idiot jumped up and grabbed the pipe and tried to swing on it and it broke off, flooding the hallway.

They had most of the water contained and the main shut off by the time I got there. St Francis said he had it handled so I went back out to the yard right before it opened. Sausage was up in central doing pat searches so that just left me on the yard. At Sgt Uncle T's suggestion, I called 6 and 7 houses and had them send someone out when the yard opened for an extra set of eyes.

The yard opened at 6:00 and closed about 7:45 with no complications. Which was very cool. St Francis managed to stay 'busy' with the cleanup and his paperwork until dang near 9:30 when he moseyed back out again. In the meantime I had to go up to A-dining to observe the Ramadan service and Sgt Uncle T did the inner perimeter check.

Right about the time I thought I was finally going to get to eat my dinner there was another call. "Code 16, 9 house. Seizures!" Oh snap. Here we go again.

Rode down there on the cart and some wobblehead had fallen on the back of his head on the concrete and given himself a pretty good goose egg. Captain Skoal said he wanted pictures of it so Sausage had to go get the camera and meet us at medical. I got to ride up on the medical cart behind the wobblehead and he smelled really bad. Like, hadn't showered in a week or so bad. My eyes were watering by the time we git him there and I was more than happy to go someplace else.

It wasn't anything big. It was just a bunch of little things that all added up to me being on my feet most of the night and not getting to eat my dinner until about 9:00 pm.

All I can say is I didn't break anything, none of us got hurt and nobody escaped.

And I'm glad that day is over.

Wednesday (comm room!) is going to be Knife Day. Ooooh. That's not cool at all. It will also be Pluto Demoted Day, Vesuvius Day and Waffle Day.

I think I'll pick the waffles.


  1. I think those little green tricksters were on A side tonight too. We had the same type of day; those little random acts that keep you busy all night. Knife Day! Woohoo! Zombie Hunters everywhere will be sharping their lucky blades in celebration.
    NO WAY! My "safety word" is TATER! Freakin A Snap! Thats the best one I have gotten so far hahaha

  2. I see that K_holdman is following you now rev, and if her picture is accurate, she is cute too.

    On an semi-related Gremlin deal, when I was a teen hormonal riot, this girl I wanted to deflower thought a gremlin was in her vent, sent by the Devil Worshipping neighbor downstairs. Anyway, long story short, she was just an idiot who wanted my attention and that of my friend (who she wanted to deflower her) and we all had a good laugh or two. I did throw water in the vent, in case there was there, to flush it out, but nothing came of it.

    safeword: sornatic

    Someone who is sort of crazy (like me) but not really.

  3. I think the Gremlins were messing with everyone yesterday. They got under the tectonic plates here in the DC area! I'm thinking of starting a fundraising drive to help offer financial and psychological support to all of us brave souls who had to right patio furniture, straighten hanging pictures, and, God forbid, replace cracked bricks or sidewalks. The devastation!

  4. I want people to call me "ASAP." They'd be like, "Yo, ASAP, let me buy you a drink." or "Hey ASAP, I got this extra Butterfinger. You want it." That would be cool.

    Sometimes they do call me a sap, but that's...not the same.

  5. It's those little things that make you feel alive. Don't knock the Gremlins. They know what they're doing.

  6. FlyinMonkey- I'm glad everybody remembered to leave their knives at home. And i never get good words like that!

    Scott- I can see how throwing water down the vent would seem like a good idea at the time. I'll bet you were indeed a handful back then.

    Lolamouse- You gave me the giggles. And now a hurricane is bearing down on them. Will the horrors never cease?

    Bryan- Those ASAP calls are never anything good. Somebody usually ends up getting thumped on.

    Brent- I just wanted a few minutes to sit down and eat my dinner, that's all!